Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday Night STF - Bord Disconnected

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement... 

So last Sunday / Monday, I figured the best thing to do with Star Trek Online, is to do the Special Task Force Missions, basically the group action... and so, why not slot it onto Saturday Night's.... so Saturday Night STFs...and the first 'episode' of it, is of Borg Disconnected.

So with this mission, I kind of have a different way of doing things... as I prefer to take a point by myself, because with some careful flying, I can get the enemies to fire on each other... so you can understand as to why I was a little less than thrilled than another player wandering on over to 'help'... and then I was REALLY less than thrilled when another player just upped and quit part way through. Maybe he got disconnected but still its a frustrating thing to see happen... the good these else, the remaining of us had enough power to nearly take down the three dreadnoughts with in 30 seconds of each other... just missed it by about 5 seconds.

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