Monday, September 5, 2016

Painful Omens - Lets Play Star Trek Online

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

Our journey through the 23rd Century continues with Painful Omens.... Admiral Garret sends the ship to investigate Deep Space Station K-13... which is probably going to be called the Widowmaker after seeing what happens to it... (I know you laughed at that don't lie :D), anyway, the station hasn't communicated anything in a while, so we're off to see what's going on. Once we arrive in the system, the ship is attacked by two Starfleet vessels, after they are disabled, a distressed Captain Daughrey of the USS Myrmidon reveals that their is something on the station controlling them.

Beaming on down (Away team consisting of the Tarsi, Skarvin and... Ensign Hunter...), we see the station's lights are dim and the crew is missing, a quick check on Sickbay leads us to find T'Met, a Vulcan Medical officer and our next Bridge Officer, who reveals the station is infested with the Neural parasites as seen in the Original Series episode: 'Operation: Annihilate!'. Yes that right's the hokey flying selling fish have invaded the K-13, and there is only one way to deal with them, Ultra-Violet light. But T'met (who by her own words is a physician and not an environmental engineer) isn't the only other alley on K-13... The Enterprises's Montgomery Scott is there as well!

Making our way to Engineering, we encounter several members of the station's crew that are infested with the parasites, they are quite deranged but easily stunned, we learn from Scotty that a number of relays need the attention of a Miracle Worker, in order to get the lights back up. Carefully avoiding the darken areas, we escort Scotty to what needs to be repaired, but the infested crew and parasites themselves cause some distractions. Good thing T'Met was able to whip up a hypo that makes the away party immune to the parasites. Once the relays are online, there is another problem, someone locked the command codes, and there is only one place on the station to get the lights turned on, the command deck.

Thankfully there is a jefferies tube that goes from engineering up to the command deck... and it is there we find alien soldiers, called the Na'Kuhl... after driving them off the station and getting the lights turned on to deal with the Neural parasites, we learn from Hunter... whose really named 'Daniels', that he is from the future.... and that these 'Na'Kuhl' are attacking the USS Ptomley. There are of course a couple of problems, the Na'Kuhl vessel is from the future, and our two ships are no match for it, but we can get the ships that attacked us earlier up in running again by overriding their command codes to have a burst of UV lights deal with the Neural Parasites.... and also the 'Na'Kuhl vessel has temporal shielding... good thing we have Scotty around to deal with that, despite the numbers advantage, the Ptomley is loss...

However the destruction of the Na'Kuhl vessel creates a temporal vortex which sucks K-13 into it, we manage to beam up most of the station's crew, but there were indications that some were left on the station... and they are now lost in time...

So yeah... I basically did this 'blog' entry as a recap of the mission, and since I just played it for a second time, it was easy to remember a number of the details. This is sorta of a 'spooky' mission, but doesn't have the dark lighting of 'What Lies Beneath' to give it that real scary effect, because if it did, the occasional jump scare causing screams from the darkness would be really terrifying.

Now for those who followed along in the more recent Sobar missions, you know what comes down the line when dealing with the Na'Kuhl... in fact we see Krog during this mission (well I'm assuming it's her), and of course Daniels reveals his true identity to the player's character... which means this mission is apart of the Temporal Cold War, just much earlier in the time line than what we saw in Future Proof....  so we know how everything turns out. Scotty showing up again here is a nice surprise that works to the missions advantage, and the use of elements from the Original Series is certainly cool.

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