Friday, September 16, 2016

Lets Play & Review: Mortal Kombat X

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The Mortal Kombat franchise is 24 years old come October 8th next month... and what better way to mark it being nearly a quarter-century old than by finally getting around to playing Mortal Kombat X...please note, that I got it through Humble Bundle fro $10... because given the mixed reviews it's gotten I was not going to pay more for it. Hey at least most of the DLC came with it, so that XL pack that's coming out in the near future will put me on par with most players.

Anyway, I'm far from a good Mortal Kombat player, in fact I played really the first three games, the multiple version of Mortal Kombat 3 (Ultimate, Trilogy) and Mortal Kombat 4... then lost general interest in the franchise, I've played some of the games that game out for the PS2... in fact I still have them somewhere here in the Basement... probably behind a few DVDs on a shelf... but it wasn't until Mortal Kombat 9, which basically was a re-boot for the whole franchise that I felt the love for the franchise once again.... I really really liked MK9...

But I'm here to talk about MK10 or just MKX for the sake of using Roman Numerals... and right off the bat, let me address the 'Faction System', I like it, it's something to make players feel apart of a larger community, with the emphasizes to get players to play at least once a day and do different things, like try ones hand at the tower or just have some random 1 on 1 battles.

Graphics wise.... well the cut scenes sure as hell look great, down right awesome... the game with how it looks.... ugly... there is a weird transition of going from cut scene to game play that just stick outs for me when doing the story mode. The sound is great, the music...what little there is okay.

Gameplay is the key here: the controls respond nicely, there is no question about that...and the game moves pretty smoothly, but there is something a bit off with the actual game play, mainly with the environment interactions that for me just take me out of the game when realizing 'ooo I can do something here'. Other than that it borrows and improves upon a lot of the control formula from MK9.

The story... actually continues from MK9, meaning pretty much all the usual characters were dead coming into MK10, so we got a bunch of new ones... that are introduced after chapter 1, which features Johnny Cage.Seeing his character a little more 'down to earth' is pretty cool and it's one of the perks of the reboot from MK9, but still its a little odd. It was funny to take on and defeat Jax who was one of the re-occurring characters bumped off in the previous game, plus seeing a few others like Nightwolf, Striker, Sindel and Kabal as glorified cameos.... which may  turn out to be DLC content down the road.

Yeah let's talk about that... now as mentioned earlier I got the game through Humble Bundle and thus a good chunk of the existing DLC came with it. But reading up on it and seeing that two characters who were exclusive to the story mode later turning into DLC and knowing in advance that Sindel and Baraka are story-mode opponents, I'm betting WB Games is gonna milk this game for as much as possible with DLC content...

So overall... it's a good game, I do prefer MK9 a bit more, but I've only played MKX for two hours, but I bet as I continue playing it, it will grow on me even more.

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