Monday, September 5, 2016

In The Shadow of Cestus - Lets Play Star Trek Online

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

Since there's only six missions in the 23rd Century, why not just get through them as quickly as possible, so jumping right into 'In The Shadow Of Cestus'

This mission sees the player heading off the planet Edren IV to help with a joint geological survey between the Federation and  The Gorn... and now would be a good time to mention, that this mission, in it's own way is a follow up to the original series episode 'Arena', which saw Captain Kirk battle a Gorn captain on a planet that is so incredibly reach with minerals that you can make a canon and explosives easily... which is played homage during the course of this mission.

You arrive at the Edren system, greet Captain McKinnon of the USS Zheng He, beam down the teams... and then Tarsi notices something on sensors, seems like a trace of an impulse engine, but it's disgarded. You beam down and meet the second member of your crew, a Tellerite named Skarvin, who is an engineer... and also... an Ensign Hunter... there is something odd about that guy...

Anyway, while exploring the planet, the Gorn all of a sudden go nuts, one of their ships in orbit explodes and they obviously blame the Federation. So it's fight back to the base camp... and boy do the Gorn move incredible slow... again paying homage to how they were in 'Arena'... you can easily defeat them from a safe distance, cause they plod-tastic with how immobile they are. It's during this part of the mission where you gather materials to make an explosive to get back to the base camp and beam up.

Once in orbit, you deal with one Gorn vessel, who runs off when damaged enough, then investigate what happens to its sister ship. The Gorn vessel returns, and this time wants to talk when you damage it enough once again... and bing bang boom, turns out there was an unknown guest at the party, The Romulans. You fight off one Romulan Bird of Play and two Klingon D7s (placing this mission after the episode 'The Enterprise Incident', which revealed the Romulans were using Klingon designs for some ship) and that's it mission over. Skarvin officially becomes a member of your crew, and it's off to the next mission.

However, curiosity got the better of me and seeing that destinations like Vulcan, Andoria and Starbase 39 are on the map, I figured why not see if I can visit these places... and the answer is NOPE! But still we get to see the map of sector space in the 23rd Century and it's decent in size with the slow Constitution and Pioneer-class vessels, it's pretty tine when compared to how vast the area to travel is in the 25th Century.

Anyway, more than likely I will be back later with the next mission...

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