Friday, August 5, 2016

This Week... Suicide Squad (SPOILERS!)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement... 

No sister blog for the vlog this week, as I came home after seeing Suicide Squad and shot straight from the hip on what I thought about it... but I will give you the cliff notes version!

4 out of 5
This was DC's answer to Deadpool in many ways, not as good but a lot of fun
The plot certainly allowed for everyone to get character moments

I did not care for Viola Davis or Jared Leto in this film
Leto is now in my eyes, the WORST on screen portrayal of the Joker I have ever seen
Will Smith does what he always does unless he's going for an Oscar: Play Will Smith
Jay Hernandez as Diablo was the breakout star of this film, as he has the best character arc
Margot Roble as Harley Quinn was nearly perfect
What was up with The Joker coming to Harley's rescue... totally backwards, The Joker in no wya cares that much about anyone, cause HE's the center of attention!
The plot certainly allowed for everyone to get their character moments.

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