Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Romulan Temporal Front - Lets Play Star Trek Online

Note: Some horse's arse went and flagged this week's video, I let that slide once... I ain't letting it slide again... I'm appealing it, and hopefully it will be restored.

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

Its Tuesday! Lets Play Star Trek Online!

This week's mission, The Romulan Version of the Temporal Front mission... and I will admit I did botch a mini section in terms of talking to the NPCs, so I did not get to include of the dialog trees with the Romluan Republic Representatives... and as a result I skipped over speaking to the secondary delegates that were in attendance....

That said this mission is one that recognizes that the player did 'The Core of The Matter' which is where the player first meets Krog, so when the player captures her here, this is a bit dialog that calls back to what happened in that earlier mission, which is pretty cool.

Other than that, there isn't much difference between the earlier game play I did back when the mission was added to Star Trek Online earlier in the year. But this will be the last mission to feature the Gorget, next week,putting her into dry dock, to break out a new ship next week.

This week's thumbnail image is a little disappointing for me, as I didn't get a good screenshot of President Okeg, or when the Tellerite Lt. Commander dove into the Line of Fire, Harrison Ford style, which is what I wanted to feature. Also... I still wonder how can S'taass can accuse Jarrock of poisoning J'mpok when S'taass is shown TALKING TO HER! It's as if the Klingon Empire is looking for an excuse to fight...

Also in a few weeks I will be covering Star Trek The Next Generation Issue #37 on my Sunday series 'Comics From The Basement'. 

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