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Tank Girl: Carioca #1 - Comics From The Basement

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Back in 1988, writer Alan Martin along with Artist Jamie Hewlett released upon the world a post-apocalyptic future… which was basically the typical Mad-Max future for Australia as dreamed about by Brits in the 1980s… where a girl lives in and drives a tank… her name ‘Tank Girl’ a somewhat foul-mouthed, bounty hunter who dates a mutant kangaroo named Booga… from 88 to 95, The Tank Girl series ran as a strip in Deadline magazine, becoming a cult favorite and gaining enough popularity for Hollywood to try and cash in on it with a film in 1995… but there was a problem: Tank Girl’s base audience was in the UK… not the United States… and the film flopped… big time.

Still… the adventures of Tank Girl has continued on… and one of the more recent stories, a three issue mini series published by Titan Comics… is Tank Girl: Carioca… but I’m only going to talk about the first issue this time around, I’ll get to issues two and three at a later date.

Issue one sees Tank girl and Booga as contestants on a game show called Quiz-Bingo… and opportunity they get because they are rather LOUD members of the audience… and Booga gets on a hot streak of correctly answering every question the host Charlie Happy asks… until he gets to one he can’t… leading Tank Girl to correctly answer it… however Charlie says it’s wrong… too make maters more interesting, she later finds out that a) Charlie intentionally lied, and b) that he was talking trash about her under his breath. Tank Girl takes this about as well as you’d expect for someone that has access to a freaking tank. Rounding up her crew… she plots her revenge… a rather spectacular sorta of vengeance… that ends up leaving her feeling empty inside…

Since this is part 1 of a 3 part story, it does an excellent job of setting up the plot and driving forward towards the meat of the tale, which is Tank Girl having an epiphany about her life and everything she’s done up to this point, and this gets explored in second issue.

The artwork is certainly different, with the artwork being done by Mike McMahon who is best known for his work on Judge Dredd in that series early years. He used a bit of a stylized approach that has some sharp angles and varying proportions… but somehow it all works, giving this comic a bit of a ‘cartoony’ feel to it… which is helpful considering how Tank Girl gets her revenge…

So yeah, the verdict for Tank Girl: Carioca #1 from me is pretty positive… and of course sometime in the future I’ll talk about issues 2 and 3

Which leads to my favorite part of this series… where can you get it? Well certainly has it, you can get it by itself or as part of the trade collection. I have the issues individually… you can get it digitally over at where it’s broken down to a six issue mini-series instead of three… and of course you can try re-sellers like eBay and

Next week… we’re going back to Marvel… with a whole lot of Trouble…

Till then my friends, and you are my friends… have a good one!

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