Saturday, August 20, 2016

NXT TakeOver Brooklyn: The RAW VIEW

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement... I took a number of notes during NXT Takeover Brooklyn II tonight for my vlog above... and here they are! In the video I go out of order.

  1. No Way Jose maybe the 'New Adam Rose', but he has the size and serious demeanor to be taken seriously if given a chance, proved he handle working with message board favorites like Aries. Loved Jose's conga entrance .
  2. There was a big disconnect with Ember Moon - her name, entrance, body language just didn't add up... Hate the leaping twisting stunner from the top rope. Billlie kay looked like a star, #AllBlueEverything, loved the Widows Peak back breaker submission into the Widow's Peak slam. She could easily be used to replace Eva Marie at SummerSlam.
  3. Bobby Roode's entrance and theme was glorious, and he came across like a major star, but his opponent Andrade Almas was not, better outing this time out, but still not thrilled with Alma, who comes across as a low rent version of No Way Jose, just without the personality.
  4. The Tag Team Title match was a step down from The Revival's matches against American Alpha in every way possible, thanks to Ciampa and Gargano not being an actual tag team with the psychology of singles wrestlers wanting to their individual spots in, instead of actual team work. Thank goodness Dash & Dawson retained.
  5. Missed opportunity to have Ciampa turn on Gargano to capitalize after the match. They referenced possible tension in the announcement of the tag title match on NXT following their Cruiserweight Classic Match against one another, and Gargano took the lost here.
  6. Bayley vs Asuka, match of the night! It was perfect from the entrances to the post match interactions. It had the psychology, the emotion, it was a sight to see!. No way in hell Joe / Nakamura could top it. If Bayley had a last name it would be Balboa, cause it took Asuka going for a knockout for this match to end. Incredible bout. Bit disappointed we're not going to get a third match.
  7. Samoa Joe vs Nakamura was typical Joe style match, domination plus frustration leading either to a win or a loss for Joe, in this case a loss. No where near as good as Bayley vs Asuka. It Appeared Nakamura pulled a Seth Rollins and broke the jaw of Joe... not good.

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