Thursday, August 25, 2016

Metal Slug - Lets Play & Review

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Like many, I spent a lot of time in my youth pumping quarters into arcade cabinets either at a movie theater, bowling alley or even at an arcade at a mall... and lets face it, the reason why was because the games in the arcades were designed to be money sinks, much the same way games are today, particular with mobile games where you play to a point where you either have to buy more turns or choose to wait until later on to resume playing. It's a great business model, anyone that sees fault with that, obviously never figured out the 'supply and demand concept'.

But getting back on task, since the 80s, arcade games have been ported to home video game consoles and computers. Action adventure based games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would see the quarters replaced with giving the players a fixed number of lives to get through, because getting through an action adventure game would be incredibly easy with unlimited lives. It really wouldn't be until recent years where game developers realized that they could get a cash-grab by re-releasing the old arcade games  but because you couldn't get the quarters any more, now players had the unlimited lives and were able to beat it...  so they replaced the challenge with particular achievements and difficulty settings. A great example of this would be X-Men The Arcade Game.

Which brings me all the round to this week's game Metal Slug...Originally released for the Neo-Geo multiple cartridge Arcade system back in 1996, it's basically a run and gun action button mashing, quarter eating game. It's not quite just head to the right and take out everything in your path, cause enemies come from all over, behind you, above you and at some points even beneath you. You get a variety of picks ups to enhance your fireing power, most often by rescuing POWs. The slew of enemies you have to work your way through does make defeating the game without dying practically impossible... in can be done, but I sure as hell not skilled enough to do it on the default settings. You actually will get an idea of how many quarters it takes to get through the game... even if you have an idea of what's coming and how to deal with the various bosses.

Graphics wise, the game looks great on the PC these days (as I got it as part of the Neo-Geo Bundle Pack on Steam), the controls are responsive, D-Pad, left analog stick to shoot and aim, and use of the X A and B buttons to throw bombs, jump and shoot. The sound effects are crystal clear, nothing will jump out at year, and the music score set a great mood for an 80s Action Film.

The replay value is limited, there is an online mode, so you don't have to play by yourself, various achievements for getting through the six stages as well as rescuing POWs using Bombs and taking out the bad guys. The toughest achievement to get is to 'clear the game without using a continue', and as of this writing in regards to the STEAM Community, only 1.5% of players who played the game were able to do so. Again it's possible, but you won't see me being able to do that lol.

All things considered, this game is a fine pick up to have something to just play to either let out some frustration or have some time to kill. It's mindless fun... and you can keep your quarters.! 

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