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Lets Play & Review: Ghostbusters The Video Game

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Like many, I was very underwhelmed by the Paul Feig version of Ghostbusters, yes there was things I liked but at the same time, the biggest problem of it was that it was his version of the franchise, and not a continuation of the story. In fact, Feig was asked multiple times to helm a Ghostbusters 3 but turned it down repeatedly until he got carte blanche to what he wanted... and the misandry was upon.

So... I figured... weeks later... why not go back and play the 2009 Ghostbusters Video Game... which for many including, is the third chapter in the Ghostbusters movie-verse timeline (which is fictional universe within the Real Ghostbusters continuity, which was established in the episode 'Take Two'). Now I haven't played the game fully since Harold Ramis passed away, but still remembering where things are and the in-game tutorial helps the memory refresh on how to play.

Now the story... days before Thanksgiving in 1991, a level seven cross rip is unleashed, leading to a sudden rise in paranormal activity in New York.... at the same time The Ghostbusters are welcoming their new recruit and experimental equipment technician, aka the player, who gets to lug around all the new gadgets that could potentially blow him into New Jersey... since I live in New Jersey, I fail to see the problem with this... it would save on tolls.... anyway, Slimer escapes and heads back to the Sedwick Hotel... starting an adventure that ties all the way back to the first film obviously and elements from it, including the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Gozer... The story is pretty much what fans would, building on what was established while giving a direction for the future (a big one being the opening of Ghostbusters franchises... meaning multiple Ghostbusters teams)

One of the true big highlights of the game is that Bill Murray, the late Harold Ramis, Dan Akyroyd, Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts and others return to voice their roles... and outside of Bill, who is not a good voice actor, they all knocked it out of the part. And I will address this about Murray's performance, with the lines he was given, Venkman comes across very... very sleazy and abrasive... which may be the whole point... but still... a bit much. Despite that there is a nice mix of writing that makes these feel like a movie when you take out of the gameplay

Graphic wise, it still holds up, the biggest glaring issue is the fully rendered cuts scenes compared to game play graphics can be a bit jarring at times.

The controls are about as perfect as you can make them taking advantage of a game pads, multiple buttons, Left stick to move, Right Stick to turn and am, RT to shoot the main weapon, LT for the secondary, with several obvious functions assigned to the four front buttons (a button to throw a trap, one to retrieve it and general interaction, one for your ecto-goggles, etc) . The controls are very responsive, though, a big advantage is if you have a control with motion control, helps with wrangling the ghosts (even without that, it's still a lot of fun) and you get to feel like a Ghostbuster. You aim your proton wand at the Ghost, zap it to weaken it, capture and then trap it.

Hell in the first half of game play, you end up capturing more ghosts than the 2016 movie.

But that said, playing this again, does make me want to address something the Nostalgia Critic Doug Walker said... that all the Ghostbusters do is point a stick at the ghosts... while in the new film it's all a big action sequence with flips and multiple weapons and stuff... here's the thing: Considering the proton packs have quite a bit of weight to them, the original ones in the first film weighing 50 pounds with the batteries... and speaking from personal experience from my brief time in the army, we carried about 35 pounds of gear on our backs for drills, trust me, ducking for cover and is tough enough, not to mention getting into a firing position with a M16 (basically a large stick using Walker's stupidity), so in all actuality, the Ghostbusters game gives a very realistic approach to Ghostbusting.

That all said: The 2009 Ghostbusters Video Game is still a lot of fun, and probably will continue ot hold up very well for years to come.

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