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Young Frankenstein - From The Vault

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement... 

Obviously this week, I'm going over Young Frankenstein... however instead of sticking to my notes and bullet points that I prepared for myself last night, I just went total stream of consciousness... and I think the video came out better that way. Still I've included my notes below.

With the recent passing Gene Wilder, obviously a lot of interest has been put on his films, particularly his iconic ones like Wily Wonka, The Producers, Blazing Saddles… and the one I pulled off the self to talk about, Young Frankenstein.
Co-Written by Gene Wilder and Mel Brookes (who also directed) and released in 1974, this black and white film that satirizes not only Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, but also a lot of elements and associated with the early horror films, such as the film transitions and how things were shot, without question it’s a classic.
But what makes it a classic in terms of a comedy? It’s quite simple really… despite it being a …

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Sometimes I just don't know what comes out of my head lol

Yay Or Nay For The Hall Of Fame - Stars From Backlash 1999

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The WWE is bringing back Backlash PPV, so this week I'm looking at the cases of Test, Albert, Ivory, Val Venis, D'Lo Brown and Hardcore Holly for the WWE Hall of Fame, cause they are all border line cases.

Here are some brief details on each of them
Test WWF Intercontinental Champion WWF European Champion WWF Hardcore Champion (twice) WWF World Tag Team Champion WCW Tag Team Champion
Albert  WWF Intercontinental Champion IWGP Tag Team Champion (twice) G1 Tag League Tournament Winner (twice) New Japan Cup Winner  GHC Tag Team Champion
Val Venis WWF European Champion WWF Intercontinental Champion (twice) WWE World Tag Team Champion
D'Lo Brown WWF European Champion (4 Times) WWF Intercontinental Champion 
Ivory WWF Women's Champion (3 times) GLOW Champion GLOW Tag Team Champion POWW Champion
Hardcore Holly NWA World Tag Team Champion WWF Hardcore Champion (6 times) WWF/E World Tag Team Champion (3 times)

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Totally nonsensical

Thoughts On Gene Wilder

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

So we're back again, with another remembrance piece, this time for the great Gene Wilder, who passed away today. No real blog or script notes, as I had a couple of things jotted down on my screen for me to touch on, but basically, Wilder was one of the very few actors who could give a performance where the characters he played walked a fine line between being normal and being nuts (this really shows in Willy Wonka & Young Frankenstein) and that when he stepped away from actor, he pretty much stayed away, cause the last thing I remember seeing him doing was an episode of Will & Grace.

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Ragnarok and Roll - Lets Play Star Trek Online

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

We have one more mission to close our Admiral Sobar's story (until the game developers add more missions), so let's play Star Trek Online and deal with that old time Ragnarok and Roll!

Before we get into the mission, let me state that going through all these missions week after week has been a blast, particular once I started the blog to go over thoughts on each mission. Since we are at the end of Sobar's missions, next week I'll be rolling a new 23rd Century character to go do a series based around the missions that actually explain the temporal cold war and everything we've been through in greater detail. But that's next week.

As you may remember, Daniels is now dead.... the Temporal Fleet has arrived, but the Noye and his allies are pressing their advantage at Procyon V... our only hope is the Tox Uthat... and the only ship that can power it... is the Enterprise.... NCC-1701-J...

Now remember what I said last we…

Thoughts on Mr. Fuji - The RAW VIEW

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

The late great Mr. Fuji passed away, and while I did not see him as a wrestler, I grew up seeing him as a manager in the 80s and 90s.... and in this quick vlog, I give my thoughts on why he isn't the worst manager of all time... particularly since he was living up to his nickname of being 'The Devious One' 

Super Sketch Painter #2 - Comics From The Basement

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To Comics From The Basement…

Four months ago, I did a double review, reviewing Why So Ratchet and Super Sketch Painter #1, published by On Q Comics and brother Samad and Suliman Onque. And of course in the four months since that review, as I’m certainly more comfortable now speaking to the camera as I was back at the end of April… so I figured, enough time has past, and it’s time to go over Super Sketch Painter #2.

For those who may not know, Super Sketch Painter, is the story of a young artist named Khalil Jenkins who after reading his favorite comic book hero killed off, is motivated to create his own comic book hero that wouldn’t suffer the fate of the dreaded editorial mandate… he is then drawn into the world and realizes he has powers… and good thing too, because he is going face to face with War-Cat!

Issue #2 kicks off with Khalil in War-Cat’s clutches as he is being down towards the ground at a terminal velocity, a mysterious presence tells Khalil t…

Ziminiar - Lets Play & Review

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

Recently I was asked to take a crack at playing the demo for video game that is currently in development. The game is called Ziminair and is currently being developed by 2AM Productions. Keeping in mind this was a demo that I was playing, the game is a long ways away from being completed, but the fact they have a working demo and are looking for feedback says a lot.

The story is that the player's character (by default named Harold) wakes up in a mansion, alone, no memory of who or where he is... and from there, it's just a matter of being stranger in a strange land, full of friendly people... and talking animals. There are some elements of an apparent larger story and various mysteries, but it's very loose... the big one being that a talking dog named Dogge is a theft and his owner is missing.

That said, the folks at 2AM Productions did a hell of a job at 'world building', as nearly NPC I came across had dialog, and se…

Guests Of Madam Guillotine - Tales From The TARDIS

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the  Basement…. And Tales From The TARDIS!

I took a different approach with my notes this week, instead of fully scripting things out for myself, I just jotted down various notes for the episode, to try and be more off the cuff with the video version.

Episode opens with show of Doctor laying in burning house, Cut to Paris and sight of the guillotine lingers before we see it dropped, and the name of the episode… that cut to a sign that reads ‘Conciergerie  Prison’, where that is seen written in ENGLISH… this episode takes place in 1790s, France… I get this show was made in 1960s Britain… but come on!

We see Barbara and Susan, Ian in front of a Judge (in the video I called him an administrator... cause I didn't realize he was a judge...) , who has the list of charges brought against them for being in the same place of two criminals, they are sentenced to be killed and are taken to the cells. They are separated, Ian in one cell with the women in anot…