Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Unwilling Warriors - Tales From The TARDIS

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It’s Saturday! Time for another edition of ‘Doctor Who: Tales From The TARDIS!

First up, there is a lot of speculation regarding Matt Smith returning to ‘Doctor Who’, either for a multi-Doctor story with Peter Capladi, or to be the first regeneration of The Doctor to go ‘back’ to an actor who previously played the part. Either way is interesting, and if they do go the ‘regeneration’ route, then you know the Social Justice Warriors are gonna scream ‘foul’ over it, even though that mentality didn’t result in positive outcomes in other franchises… like Ghostbusters (outside of Kate McKinnon but I digress)

Anyway, this week, we’re going over part two of The Sensorites, with ‘The Unwilling Warriors’


We open with the thing on the wing of the plane… I mean the Sensorite in the window who incapacitates Maitland and Carol, who I didn’t talk about last week, she is married to John, the guy who reacted badly to the Sensorite’s mental powers and who is in the sealed room of the ship with Barbara and Susan. The Doctor revives Maitland, who continues on his task to get into the seal room while inside the room, Barbara and Susan make a discovery that John is in constant mental communication with the Sensroites who are trying to convince him to terrorize our heroes, he refuses and is tormented for it, collapsing on the floor out of pain.

To make things worth, John senses that two Sensorites are now on the ship… and in a bite of awesomeness, Susan gives some back story, that she once visited a planet which had telepathic plants that would scream if you stood between them, because you break their connection… and with this knowledge, Susan instructs Barbara into how to send a mental message of ‘We Defy You’ to the Sensorites, which causes them to collapse. So let me sum that up, we got some pre-Unearthly Child history, and Susan using her superior knowledge to come up with a solution. 

The door is soon opened to free Barbara, Susan and the now unconscious John, who is put to bed while muttering ‘The dreams of Avarice’, which leads Ian to think that John discovered something about the planet they are orbiting that would be quite valuable to the human race and that’s why they are trapped. Maitland reveals that John is the ship’s mineralogist which leads them to discover that planet has a lot of a precious material, molybdenum… which is as far as I can tell… is just lead. 

The Sensorites start to mentally attack everyone, and Carol and Maitland are just as susceptible to their mind probes as before. Barbara and Ian go to search for the aliens, find them, but then there is a question of how to lock the doors to imprison them. Barbara runs back to get the answer… while Ian holds them at bay with a hammer… yes that’s right Ian’s gonna bust some skulls if he has too… but I wonder if locking the Sensorites in a room would actually help, since they still have their mental powers.

Barbara ends up waking John to help lock the Sensorites out, and realizes that they didn’t try to attack Ian and they go to talk with the others to figure things out. At the same time, The Sensorites start to cut through the lock door… and also telepathically communicate with Susan asking her to ask the other if they can ‘talk this out’.


The two groups meet and the Sensorites inform them that they have given them an area to live in on their planet but they can’t leave. The Doctor defiant as ever, says he will not live on their world and demands the lock to the TARDIS… the Sensorites are befundled by this and leave to figure out what to do… and The Doctor makes note of their eyes and how they dilate in the light, theorizing that they would be blinder than a bat in the dark.


However this episode ends on a strange turn, with the Sensorites communicating with Susan again… and she agree to something… that she will live on the planet with the Sensorites… or else they will kill all the humans… and she is taken away…

This episode is notable for a number of things, and they are both related to Susan, that she has superior telepathic abilities and that she can make a tough choice when needed. This is actually her strongest moment to date. The rest of the episode moves the story along, with nothing truly bad sticking out… other than the Sensorite costumes, which really look bad at times.


Next week will be part three, ‘Hidden Danger’, and there will be a lot to go over with that episode cause then we’ll be off the ship and on the planet. Until then my friends, have a wonderful week!’

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