Thursday, July 14, 2016

Talking Politics: Pat Toomey & Katie McGinty

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So days after being intrigued by what was going out in Iowa, Pat Toomey got on my radar... obviously being close to Pennsylvanian, I sorta of have a front row seat to see how he's perceived... and there is a lot of concern from what I can tell even from those within his political party.

Granted that a good deal of that concern comes from him publicly stated he'd back the Republican President Candidate Donald Trump, but his rather odd out views in regards to things like gun control and Planned Parenthood, as well as catering to the western half of the site with the coal mines puts him at odds with the eastern half of the stated. Sure he's in the Senate and doesn't deal directly with these issues in the Keystone State... which is amazing considering he started his run as a career politician up in the Lehigh Valley.

Now sure, many residents of the state consider the man to be out of touch, ineffective and all the usual jazz associated with guys in political office for more than two terms... but the problem is that the person running against him is Katie McGinty... and no one seems to know who she is! Sure she has run for office, and held a few positions, but for whatever reason she is flying under the radar and some of the polls I've come across is clearly showing that.

Which brings me to the trouble of the two-party politics in general: It's too easy for someone to stay in office when their opposition, unless a career politician, has a zero chance of winning... sure that's not a guarantee, but in my life time, a lot of the same faces have served multiple terms unless someone new is able to really shake up the status quo... and I don't think  that's gonna happen in terms of his particular senate race in Pennsylvania.

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