Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lets Play & Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie

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It's Sega-Day Night!

Yes I know, I know, it sounds bad, but hey, it works for an intro in the lets play videos, and despite losing the footage for Sonic 3 and Knuckles... and doing the Unboxing & Review earlier, I wanted to get a lets play in this week, so with Power Rangers being in the news with how the actors look in the new suits (frakkin' awful... but that's for tomorrow's episode of  This Week...) I figure why not go back... back to 1995... and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie... which had a game adaptation for the Sega Genesis.

Couple of things, first off, I am using the Sega Mega Drive & Genesis collection emulator, that is available on Steam, secondly, thanks to the Steam Workshop, many non-Sega created games have been worked into playable versions using this program that is officially licensed by Sega itself.  This 'port', was posted on the Steam Workshop by CUBANEWYORKER which you can find by clicking HERE. Note: You do need Streets of Rage 2 to play it.

That all said, I haven't played this game in nearly 20 years, in fact I played it a lot back in the 90s with my younger brother (Happy Birthday Leo!), it's basically a straight arcade brawler: beat up all the enemies on the screen to progress, and something I said in the video is that this would've been a great arcade game, with six players like X-Men the arcade game... which probably wouldn't work in the MegaZord Levels.

Now despite being 'based on the Movie'... only half the game actually deals with the film, the first three stages and the final two all do, but a good chunk of the game is set in a 'flash back' from the second season of the show, namely the episodes 'White Light', where Tommy gets his powers, 'Ninja Encounter', where Adam Rocky & Aisha are introduced, and 'Power Transfer', where those three receive the powers of Zack, Jason & Trini respectively.... and in these stages. In fact, technically, Adam, Rocky & Aisha are only 'playable' during the first two stages, while Zack, Jason & Trini are playable during stages 4, 6 and 7 (or the stages where you can play as a ranger)

The controls are pretty basic, you can move in any direction with the D-Pag / Analog stick, and have a button for a flurry / special attack, a standard attack and a jump button. Double tapping forward or back, makes you sprint, and this plays a lot like Streets of Rage with a timer that makes defeating enemies in a quick manner rather important, cause if it hits zero, you start losing health, and when you're defeated you get to select a new character or continue as the one you have been.

You start off with 5 Credits (Continues / Lives) and during the course of the game play you can come across additional ones, as well as health and points in the form of the six power coins, so playing the game on its default settings means you have a fair chance to beat it.

That said, this game is a lot more fun when playing with a friend, and it's one of those games that could use an officall re-release / update, which would make it a bit of a hit for nostalgia purposes... plus it ends with the real stars of the show... Bulk and Skull!  



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