Saturday, July 9, 2016

Lets Play & Review: Alien Soldier

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to The Basement...

Okay, yeah that still sounds horrible... Any way, last Saturday, I took a spin playing 'Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle', and so this week, it was the turn for 'Alien Soldier'... great creative title there folks...

Released in 1995 on consoles in Japan and PAL Territories, this is one of those games that people in North America were able to play via the 'Sega Channel' service, which in short was the major grandfather of say Steam, Amazon, the PlayStation Network, X-Box Live and others in terms of allowing players to get their games online. It was very much ahead of its time.

Alien Solider however... wasn't ahead of its time, it's a confusing little run and gun game that seems like a glorified demo for an arcade concept... with two modes 'Super Hard' and 'Super Easy', with the only difference between the two being that the boss battles are easier... and this is what the game is known for... boss battles...because after switching to 'Super Easy', ran into three boss battles in a very short amount of time.

In fact it wasn't until I looked it up on Wikipedia did I see that the actual stages are just 'down time' between boss battles and the goal is to make it to the boss fights with as little damage as possible... because the game was apparently released HALF-FINISHED, leaving questions to how was this game intended to be played and why it was never re-visited to get the 'what the developer' intended version out on the market, particularly in this day and age when re-releases and updates to older games is pretty common.

Don't get me wrong, when I was playing I certainly got caught up in it game for a bit (as you saw in the video), but when the freaking opening crawl / backstory takes longer to go through than the actual levels, then something is seriously wrong.

The controls are fairly responsive, and since I'm play with a Logitech F310 Gamepad, it was A to select weapons, B to shoot and the Right Bumper to jumper, while using the analog stick to move. You got free movement with the weapon to shoot forward, diagonally, straight up... and since the emphasis is on facing the boss creatures, you don't have to worry to much about enemies in between if you're skilled at run and gun games, if you're like me, then well, bring a paddle to swim up the creek my friends.

It's certainly a game that requires players to learn the system, cause just trying to bull your way through (which is my approach) doesn't quite work here.

Regardless, for what it is, it's a game that is quick paced and once you learn it's format, you can probably master it easily.

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