Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger - Quick Thoughts after 21 episodes

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This past weekend over on TubiTV, I noticed that they had Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger (translation Dinosaur Squadron Zyuranger)  among the shows they had to watch... and for those who may not know... this is the show that would be adapted for American audiences and became Mighty Morphin Power Rangers...and had some thoughts on some of the huge differences between the two shoes.

Keeping in mind I'm only up to when Burai (the Dragon / Green Ranger) gives up his grudge against Geki (The Red Ranger), but some of the huge differences in footage that was used include just about anything involving children, in particular the episode 'Get Small', which features the monster that would become Mr. Ticklesneezer in America, being a 'mistfit who gets yelled at', becoming friends with a kid who gets yelled at, and Bandora (aka Rita Repulsa) tricks them into causing some havoc and making them giant size... which means the Zyurangers basically had a monster battle of sorts where there was a giant kid involved. Needless to say very little about that episode really made it to American screens.

Also of note is a lot of the battles that would be green screened in to show something happening in the foreground, "Monkeys No More!" shows this with giant chicken facing the Zyurangers battle mech, in the background behind mountains... while in the foreground, a chest with two eggs is being battled over in a stange game of 'keep away'. Then there is Lamy aka Scorpina who had a good portion of her scenes that I've seen up to the Zyuranger version of 'Green with Evil' cut because children were in danger and a reoccurring plot involving the eggs wasn't used in Power Rangers.

I know the show had to be Americanized... and while they could've dubbed the original footage over to accomplish that... I think with the amount of time kids were danger (hell one ending up in a hospital, and another time one hanging from a ceiling while Bandora and her goons parade around him.) really forced the amount of footage that needed to be shot cause there is no way Zyurangers would've gotten passed the American censors. 

This is just a couple of things that stood out to me while watching the first 21 episodes out of 50. When I finish I'll have a full blog... and probably a vlog to go with it.

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