Saturday, July 9, 2016

Additional Thoughts On Star Trek Online Agents of Yesterday

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So it's been a few days, and I've been zipping through the Agents of Yesterday story as quickly as possible (currently up to the Cardassian Front missions) and then I realized some of these missions are obviously playable under my main character.

So today, I got Zagreus off of Risa and out into space to do the various post-23rd Century Missions, to get a feel for them when I play them as Sobar (which will be over the course of the next several weeks). So very briefly here are my thoughts on the missions.

First there is the 'Yesterday's War' arc, which features the 'Core of the Matter' which gives a unique version on why Galordon Core (feautred in the TNG Episode 'The Enemy') is a waste land while also giving players another run in with the Doomsday Machine and having a fun mad-dash shoot out with many 23rd Century Romulans.

'Vorgon Conclusion' ties it not only with the Future Proof, but also sees the player jumping around the timeline, to days of Jonathan Archer's Enterprise and to Earth when the Breen attacked during the Dominion War... and slugging it out with two surprisingly overpowered Vorgons (featured in the TNG episode Captain's Holday).

Then there is 'Terminal Expanse' which sees the player go to the JJ-Verse... okay 'Kelvin Timeline' and do battle with that universe's Klingons while also getting to appear on the Bridge of the over-produced Constitution Class ships.

Two missions are added to Future Proof which would seem to conclude that story arc, Temporal Reckoning sees the player go to stop the Envoy only to find out that the enemy they face is much more dangerous than looking in a mirror.... and Ragnarok, sees not only the Enterprise-J... but teaming up with both Chekov and Scotty to stop the Envoy's plans in all out war.

All five of these missions are a lot of fun, and to a lot of fleshing not only Star Trek Online's universe out, but also that of Star Trek itself, in tying various things together... even if it does include the JJ-Verse.

I'm looking forward to doing the 'Lets Plays' of them from the Romulan perspective over the next several weeks! Tuesdays are gonna be a lot of fun folks!

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