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Spotlight - ZomCats by Jack Strange (Beta Review)!

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A while back, I read and reviewed, Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse by Jack Strange…. And because of that, I was given the chance to review a ‘Beta Version’ of the sequel, ‘ZomCats’. First off, I want to say thank you to Mr. Strange for given me an opportunity to read the unpolished version, it says a lot about the confidence of a creator to want to see some advance feedback. Now at the time of this review, ZomCats is slated for a release on in October of 2016, so, slight spoiler warning cause some things I do have to talk about.

ZomCats is the continuing adventures of Herderson, a cat that was ran over, killed, and resurrected as the world first Zombie Cat, where he was the pet / companion for Floyd Rampant… in the climax of Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse, Henderson fled the chaotic scene and has ended up on the door step of Bob Slawit… and that my friends, is where the fun begins as a new Zombie outbreak occurs… but that’s not all… Rampant is still around as well, plotting...

Much like CCZA, ZomCats, is a brisk read, thanks to short chapters that makes you want to continue reading, and there is a lot of great ‘visual’ writing. What I mean by that, is that the detailing of the action will easily make you visualize what it taking place. Not to mention some great use of current events to feed into the story, such as a certain guy with odd hair wanting to build a wall… and I’ll leave it at that, again don’t want to give away too much, but there is certainly a lot of enjoyment to have reading ZomCats. And also like CCZA, ZomCats has a bit of an open ending, leaving room for further further exploration of the world of Zombie Chefs and Cats…

So what’s the verdict, well I actually enjoyed ZomCats more than CCZA, because it really open things up, taking things on a more… shall we say… global scale, and I do believe that when its released in a couple of months, readers are going to enjoy it. 


But in the mean time, why not head over to and check out Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse if you haven't already, this way you can be ready for when ZomCats becomes available! 

The Comet #1 - Comics From The Basement

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to COMICS FROM THE BASEMENT!

So people are still mad at me for being in favor of the Star Trek Fan Film guidelines… but hey, it could be worst, at least I’m not talking about the fact that every four years America because a bunch of lemmings… and I’m not talking about watching the Summer Olympics… but to hell with that… lets talk about comics book heroes of the lower tier...

There are many different Superheroes in the world of comics, but only a few really enter into pop culture and become icons, from Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman… to Captain American, Iron Man and Spider-Man… there is certainly a certainly a glass ceiling that is impossible to crack… and many Superheroes while creative and unique in their own ways who just end up on the sidelines … some of these characters would not be seen for decades if at all until someone remembers them and decides to do something with them. Hell at best they end up in the back ground or in a random group image for no apparent reason, or at worst, used to enhance the body count of an event comic just because ‘no one cares’.

Which brings us DC Comic’s ‘Impact Comics’ inprint. Impact Comics was an in-house label for DC to use characters licensed from Archie Comics, these included severial characters from the Golden and Silver age of comics… with the intent to aim these characters at younger readers, some of the heroes include The Shield, The Fly and of course the star of this week’s comic, The Comet.

The original Comet was created by Jack Cole, who is best known for creating Plastic Man and the Betsy and Me comic strip. Orignally debuting in Pep #1 which was published by MLJ Magazines (which would later become Archie Comics) in 1940, a young scientist John Dickering discovered a gas fifty times lighter than hydrogen which he injected into his bloodstream which gave him the ability to make giant leaps through the character, shoot twin disintegration beams from his eyes… the character would be shelved in 1941 and revived in the 1960s and then again in the 1980s… until DC Comics licensed the character and others from Archie for their ‘Impact Comics’ imprint in 1991…

So history lesson over lets get to this week’s comic, The Comet #1… and outside of the name, and power similarities (ability to fry and shoot beams from his hands)… it’s very much a new character. In this comic we are introduced to Rob Conners, who narrates his adventures in a past-tense perspective, so it reads like his memoirs. It starts off with him stopping a robbery of a University Computer lab, while at the same time a stalker / serial killer named Applejack has struck again and there is a letter, writing on the victims flesh, to his girlfriend, a reported named Victoria Johnson…

Then it switches to tell an origin story, telling a possibility of The Comet’s origins, we learn that Rob is the son of two scientists, and all the wanted to do was play Baseball… as he returns from a supply run, he finds out his parents are missing from their Alaskan lab complex, and everything looks like has been abandoned and unattended too for weeks… except he was only gone for half a day… or at least he thinks it was half a day… checking an antenna tower, Rob ends up getting pinned beneath it because it has been weaken to the point of insability… things look bleak, but then he discovers he has powers!

After not getting any help from the military, Rob returns home to get some support from Victoria… but it turns out it’s been 10 weeks since she last heard from him, even though he wrote every week. The difference in time is not explain in this issue, but you can see it’s a plot point. He learns about Applejack and determines that since he has the power, he should do something about it. After some convincing, Victoria lends her support, and together they create the Comet name and costume… which leads to the beginning of this issue.

We see Victoria asleep and Applejack sneek into her bedroom to leave a note for her, and we learn that he killed the police officers who were stationed at her home, and being a reporter, she goes on the air, calling the man a menace...and the comic ends with us seeing Applejack… looking very much like one would describe Jack The Ripper… and him declaring that now has to punish Victoria because she’s afraid of him!

This comic is… pretty damn good in my opinion… it relaunched a hero from the golden era in then modern times, gave enough of the origin to get to know the hero while also being told in a very different approach. Most comics are told in the ‘in the moment’, but not from a retrospective point of view, which makes this stand out. The artwork, despite being from the early 90s, is pretty detailed and not over the top in anyway… which is probably helped thanks to the fact that The Comet was a character from the 1940s, and characters from that era are generally treated with more respect with how they are drawn than say characters who came along in the 1970s and 80s, or at least that is how it seems to me.

So I say this track it down, and I know you can find it at and there is a chance you can issues on the re-sellers market on eBay, probably won’t be able to find it on, and for sure you won’t find it on, due to the issue being published by DC but it’s an Archie character, as I’ve found nothing under the Impact Comics label on that site.

Next week… how about something that involves a girl… and a freaking tank…

Till then my friends, and you are my friends… have a good one!

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Race Against Death - Doctor Who Tales From The TARDIS

Hello Dwellers And Welcome To The Basement…

It’s Saturday! Time for a new episode of Doctor Who: Tales From The TARDIS!

This week, we are up to part four of the Sensorites… this week it’s a ‘Race Against Death’… because as you know, Ian has drank the water of the Sense Sphere and collapsed at the end of last weeks episode.



So it’s no surprise to see that The Doctor and Susan are working to figure out what caused him to collapse, instantly suspecting the water since they didn’t drink it, and The Doctor suspects it’s not really a disease the Sensorites are dealing with, but poison! This doesn’t totally go over well with a couple of the elders, who think this whole thing may be a trick, and knowing what the Doctor would become in the modern era, yeah that’s some profound thinking, cause since 2005, you basically expect the Doctor to have one his companions fall ill, only for him to cure them and then get the hell out of town in the TARDIS.



The the same time The Administrator orders John to be murdered instead of just having his mind erased, an Elder slams him verbally for it, saying that the Administrator’s attitude is going to get him into trouble someday, but he won’t be stopped. He tells a scientist that the Doctor is evil and is planning to betray them all, and John, in his loopy state of mind, appears to agree with this, which perfectly plays into The Administrator’s hands and easily convinces the scientist of this as well. Once alone, John tries to clarify what he meant that there is an evil among the Sensorites, and other than him being the obvious choice as the antagonist, The Administrator says he ‘knew that all along’, and that he wants to wipe the humans from existence. Goes to show folks: All administrators are slimey slimeballs



Meanwhile, The Doctor, much to his dismay, has been denied access to the TARDIS to try and find a cure thanks to the Administrator’s scheming, and shouts at the Sensorites for this, which causes them some great pain… so they are not only easily blinded, but can’t stand loud sounds. Regardless the Doctor is allowed access to their own laboratories to work on a cure. The Doctor tells the Sensorites scientists what he’s looking for, and suspects that the water supply to have traces atropine poison in it. Atropine is used as a medication to treat various ailments, from slow heart rates or to act as a nerve agent or to treat poisonings… however it does have quite a few side effects that we’ve seen detailed in the story arc: dizziness, loss of balance, dilated pupils, dry mouth, and so for. Anyway, the scientists tell him of ten districts where water is taken, and The Doctor tests samples from each location, eventually finding out that the tainted water supply comes from District Eight, and knowing this, he proceeds to prepare an antidote. 



The story goes back to focusing on the Administrator, who is working on a way to get the key for the disintegrator weapons and points out the obvious when talking to another Sensorite, that they only way they can tell each other apart is by their sashes… so the plan is to disguise himself as an Elder in order to get what he wants. He would later kidnap an Elder and his family, taking his sash, saying he will prove that The Doctor is evil. Saying that attitude the Doctor is preparing is actually a poison and that Ian has been faking this entire time. Yeah the Admin, is a bit paranoid, but it is amusing to note that he’s really the only one of the Sensorites on this track of mind, the rest are either cautious or hopeful. Anyway, The Administrator’s disguises works , he tricks a scientist into giving him the antidote that is intended for Ian… and later smashes it on the floor…. Basically, his plan now hinges on the old ‘witch trial’ method: if Ian gets better on his own, then the Doctor was lying…. But if Ian dies, then the Doctor was telling the truth. As silly as that sounds, it is one of those plot tropes that to this day still gets used. 



Back with the Doctor, he has been escorted to an aqueduct to investigate the source of the poison, the Sensorite with him says they can’t stay for long as it’s dark and their plans to light it have always gone a bit haywire… but in a great comedic moment, the Sensorite damn near calls the Doctor insane when he says that he’s going inside to investigate it. He tries to tell him of the monsters, which the Doctor dismisses because no one has actually ‘seen it’ and only heard noises… putting two and two together, The Doctor rationalizes that the aqueduct has two things the Sensorites fear: loud noises and darkness. The Doctor’s escort returns to elder to explain what happened, and the Elder is disgusted, saying that anyone who enters that particular aqueduct dies. Hearing this, Susan and a very weaken, near death Ian spring to action to go rescue the Doctor. This actually impresses the Elder, and he informs the other Elders of this this, which gets heard by the Administrator, who is less than thrilled with the Elder apparently falling for the human’s trickery… but at the same time is happy that they are going to head to their deaths. Amazing how he can find the silver lining ain’t it? 



The episode comes to a close with Ian and Susan arriving at the aqueduct, but Ian really is in no condition for this, but presses forward… while further inside, The Doctor found what he suspected he would… followed by the sound of a horrific roar echoing within the tunnel...


This episode again moves everything forward, we find out what the is killing Ian and the Sensorites, The Doctor can make a cure, and the Administrator reveals that he does know what is going on… but this plays more into the next episode. There are a few things I didn’t go over, namely that the Sensorites can block out Susan’s ability to hear their thoughts but she can still get a feel for what they are thinking, so she has some emphatic abilities… which sadly won’t ever get really explored. And I was asked where is Barbara, as we didn’t talk about her… well Jacqueline Hill who played her, was given a break at the time, much like how William Hartnell and Carol Ann Ford got, in fact, come to think of it, William Russel who played Ian, is the only actor who didn’t have a holiday break. While it’s not like Barbara’s absence has been noticeable to the plot, her lack of being there following how heavily she was involved in the Aztecs certainly creates a void for those who have come to enjoy her character.

So that will do it for this week, next week is part five of the Sensorites… with Kidnap!

Till then have a good one everybody!

Spotlight on ReelSerious: Ghostbusters Mood Slime - Lust'

Hello Dwellers!  

The totally awesomely talented ReelSerious, uploaded a new video today over on her channel that is certainly a great spin on the entire mood slime concept from Ghostbusters II

Goes to show a concept can be tweaked ever so slightly for something totally incredibly to come out of it. ReelSerious has a real knack for taking something and finding new ways to present it that show the 'alternate universe' things can take.

So check out the video below, and head over to her channel, located HERE and subscribe!

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This Week... Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vs Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger

These are my notes for this weeks episode to help me stay on topic... but I went a bit off my own script as I often do...

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement…

It’s Friday, and it’s This Week With The Superheroes!

However, this week I won’t be going over the news of the week, instead I’ll be comparing, contrasting and just trying to determine in my mind what was better, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers or Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger (Dinosaur Squadron Zyuranger), and clearly both shows are in the front of my mind, as I played the two Sega Genesis Power Ranger games in the past week, plus watched all 50 episodes of Zyuranger.

So let’s get right to it, right off the bat, with the tone of both shows… Zyuranger is the story of five warriors who are awaken in modern times to do battle against the Which Bandora, who is accidentally freed by astronaughts… Power Rangers sees five teens recruited by a Wizard in a Time Warp named Zordon to do battle against Rita Repulsa who is accidentally freed by astronaughts… the Zyuranger story is treated as a continuation of an ancient battle, they know what’s at stake instantly, while Power Rangers sees it’s heroes just forced into the situation.

Despite this, both shows do have a ‘kid friendly’ tone, Zyuranger had more kids appear on, the show and more often than not, the kids were central to the plot, mainly thanks to the motivation for Bandora: she hates kids, so quite a lot kids are put in danger. On Power Rangers, it was more ‘Save by the Bell’ish’, it focused on High School and very rarely would kids actually appear on the show. And this plays into how Rita plotted and schemed, a lot of her plans involved messing with something the Rangers was working with.

Personality wise, the Zyurangers are a bit bland and are really defined more by what they represent (Mei being the Warrior of Love, Boi being the Warrior of Hope, Goshi – Knowledge, Geki – Justice, and Dan – Courage) while the Power Rangers had sterotype personalities that actually grew over the course of its first season. This may be as a result of the show being set in High School, which allowed for great development. I’m not saying there wasn’t any on Zyurangers, but you’d have a hard time telling me that was much difference between Geki in the final episode as opposed to the first episode, while Jason clearly grew into being a leader.

This always carries over a bit to the acting… and the main five of Zyurangers at times seem a bit more stiff at times as compared to their Power Rangers counter parts, and certainly the material is a little more over the top and there was probably only so much you could do with it.

Of course the focus as indicated wasn’t the same, not to mention the audience for both shows was clearly different, as a lot of plot for stand alone episodes of Zyurangers were that of moral lessons (to various degrees), while Power Rangers was more on the monster of the day and whatever antics Bulk & Skull got up too that in its own way played into the any morals (if any) that were being relayed to the audience

One of the bigger things that both shows are known for is of course the Green Ranger, Baurai in Zyuranger and Tommy in Power Rangers, and the difference in how they are utilize. Both are used as villains with a big multi-story arc and eventually becoming members of their respective teams… however with Baurai, it was established that he would die while the plot device of Tommy losing his powers wouldn’t come into play right away. Both have a great impact on Geki and Jason in each series, And While Tommy would eventually return to the series, Baurai wouldn’t, at least not within the Zyurangers series beyond a motivational message in the final episodes.

Then you go into looking in at how the villains themselves as a whole are portrayed, Bandora is a pretty supportive leader, has a pretty fun personality… and leads musical jam sessions… while Rita is… very much a screaching witch… their respective gangs are quite different as well, with Bandora’s crew being pretty much a threat to various degrees beyond Grifforzer and Lamy while Rita’s gang are pretty much idiots… outside of Goldar and Scorpina… and even how those two are used is quite different. In Zyurangers, they are a married couple with Grifforzer basically not speaking for a good portion of the series and Lamy being seen quite frequently… in Power Rangers, they are not married, Goldar speaks quite a a bit and Scorpina is virtually

Of course I could go on and on, about the differences between both shows…. But what about what’s the same… and that’s the action footage… and well… this is where Zyurangers gets the big advantage… because in a lot of cases, quite a bit of the footage was chopped to bits for Power Rangers to remove either kids or to cut down on violence, or even to work in the American actors themselves into certain scenes to keep certain plots intact, in particular with the Rangers episode ‘The Trouble With Shellshock’, which had Trini running to retrieve flowers in full Ranger Uniform while in the Zyuranger counter part, Boi is in his normal attire.

Which in itself is worth talking… as the out of uniform for the Zyurangers for the entire series… was the same set of clothes with a couple of exceptions, while with Power Rangers, while they dressed win colors that matched their uniform outfit, the Rangers had a variety of contemporary outfits

The zord / mech battles were quite neutered as well, not to mention numerous shots of crowds, mainly because the show was adapted for American audiences… and while Power Rangers covered a lot of this cuts to scenes in the Command Center, there is a lot times where it’s just looks bad… I mean really… really bad… because in some cases, the plot was staying the same as the original, and other times it’s creating something totally new which doesn’t match the footage in the slightest. But at the same time… it did give Power Rangers it’s own charm, as it looked incredible hokey, and there is that ‘so bad it’s qood quality’ to the show...

But at the end of the day, what do I prefer? Zyurangers or Power Rangers? Well I kind of like both nearly equally and I fully understand they were made for different audiences, hell different counties… but while Zyurangers was simple another installment in a long running franchise, Power Rangers was launching a franchise… and so much from the original season in 1993 carries is fondly remembered today…

But of course these are my opinions… if you’ve seen both shows, what are your thoughts. Live them in the comments section below and be sure to subscribe!

Tomorrow is Saturday, which means Doctor Who: Tales From The TARDIS, and I’ll be going over part four of the Sensorites! Till then have a good night!

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Lets Play & Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

It's SEGA-Day Night! 

I know, I know, it would do better if I said that Saturdays... but any way, more old school gaming this week... as it occurred to me that I should've played and review THIS particular Power Rangers game first as opposed to the one based on 1995 movie... but then again, this is the 'lesser' of the two Sega Genesis based Power Rangers Game.

'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' is certainly a victim of 'too many developers'... it's a bare bones 2D Fighting Game... which... seems like it would be a good idea considering the amount of action on the show... but even at that, there is a lot of wasted potential.

First the positives, in the single player mode, you get to play as all six rangers (the Green Ranger becomes available after you defeat him and the Dragon Zord)... while facing off against some of the shows monsters, in particular Madam Woe, Goldar, the Minotaur and Cyclopsis.... It's quick game to get into, even though I lowered the difficult form it's default of 4 to 2, I still had my struggles with certain match ups, so there is a challenge to it at various settings. The backgrounds are decently detailed, and despite looking squatting, the MegaZord and Dragon Zord look cool, even 22 years later. Some of the cut scenes are decent, to show the Dragon Zord being summon for example

The game play is as such, with the exception of facing Cyclopsis, each 'stage' where you fight a villain sees you facing them on an endless bridge, which is a shame considering the show saw the Rangers facing the monsters in the park, quarries and other locations... then you face them in either Mega or Dragon Zord (depending on if you play as the Green Ranger). The game plays like a lower level Street Fighter, you got your D-Pad to move, and two buttons for attacks, plus obvious combinations of movements and button presses results in you doing special moves.

Now the negatives... well for one, the cut-scenes are bit repetitive, I get that was a big thing on the show (and even it's Sentai counter part) to reuse stock footage, but it gets down right silly, seeing the same thing between fights, and it doesn't help that Rita Repulsa's personality seems closer to Bandora from Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, with the limited dialog that appears on the screen.

Then there is the wasted potential... this game came out in November of 1994... and when you compare it to the SNES version RELEASED THE SAME MONTH... you realized that Sega Genesis players got hosed royally, since the SNES got an action / adventure style game.. Taking that off the table, you only get 5 battles (okay 10 if you count the Zord battles separately)....and considering the number of monsters the show had in its first season that is based on, that's really a waste. Scorpina is seen in the 'cut scenes', but she's not in the actual game, despite the fact she was a regular foe for the Rangers following Green with Evil, and of course other monsters like say King Sphinx is noticeably missing.

It's a real shame, this could've been a lot better... alas, the Power Rangers Movie game that I went over last week would be the Sega Genesis only decent game for the franchise.

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Billy Jack Haynes - Yay Or Nay For The Hall Of Fame

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement…

And the return of the now bi-weekly Yay Or Nay For The Hall of Fame.

The reason for the change is simple, for with the WWE brand split and SmackDown moving to Tuesday nights, it kinda throws my week off in regards to how I plan out certain blogs and video commentaries. Plus all the big heavy hitters I wanted to discuss I’ve already gone over… so what I have left is a lot of mid-card acts with even more questionable chances for Hall of Fame consideration.

Such as the case of Billy Jack Haynes. For those of you who may not know, Haynes is consider to be one of the more… flaky of wrestlers in the 1980s. Breaking in 1982 after being trained by Stu Hart, Haynes wrestled for a about two months in Stampede Wrestling, with nothing of note happening other than he would team with Bruce Hart and Jim Neidhart a handful of times before heading down to Oregon and Pacific Northwest Wrestling…

Now there was always a natural connection with Haynes and the state of Oregon, since he’s from there and is often associated with the State, he had Oregon printed on his trunks for a good while for crying out loud,… and while I can find record of him teaming with Stan Stasiak and was involved in matches for the NWA PNW Tag Titles in 1983… and going 60 minutes with NWA Champion Ric Flair, there is not much of record I could find other than mentions of a feud with Rip Oliver that ran through most of that year before Haynes headed down to Championship Wrestling From Florida

His time in Florida in 84 saw Haynes get a DQ loss to Flair, battles with Ron Bass, Black Bart, Superstar Billy Graham, The Guerrero brothers… and even capturing the NWA Florida Heavyweight Title, this period was clearly a highlight for him, but he would head back up to Oregon towards the end of the year, where he would clash quite a bit with Rip Oliver and then seemingly out of the blue getting a couple of match with the WWF in November of that year when the promotion was in the middle of its expansion and signing everyone in sight.

Now this is where things get a little weird, Haynes had two matches with the WWF that year… and is said to have walked out of the promotion… he could go down to World Class in Dallas… and walk out… he would have a cup of coffee in Mid-South… and eventually end up doing a tour with New Japan in 1985 that seemed to stabilize his career, but nothing of note came out of it.

Haynes would head back to Oregon again, and stay around longer, capturing the Pacific Northwest Tag Titles with Ricky Vaughn and getting another crack at the NWA World Title held by Ric Flair while also appearing down in Florida and teaming with Wahoo McDaniel and facing Rick Rude, while also clashing with Rip Oliver again… in betweel all of this Haynes got booked at Starrcade 85, temaing with McDaniel and losing to NWA National Tag Team Champions Arn and Ole Anderson. Following a tourh with New Japan in early 1986, Haynes would head to the WWF for the longest stint of his career.

Re-debuting in the company in June of 86, Haynes was giving a solid push right off the bat with wins over The Moondogss, Steve The ‘Brooklyn Brawler’ Lombardi, Rene Goulet and other members of the WWF’s jobber to the stars, even having a solid showing in the 86 King of the Ring that was won by Harley Race. Everything for Haynes was on the upswing, he even got a chance for the Intercontinental Championship on an early episode of Wrestling challenge… losing to Randy Savage, but rebounding with wins over Bob Orton, The Iron Shiek and others… while at the same time being put in an extended rivalry with Hercules Hernandez that saw the two having a lot of draws and trading wins at WWF live events which would lead to a match at Wrestlemania 3 and a series of chain matches (bouts were both men were tied together at the wrist by a long chain) at WWF live event. Following this, Haynes would still see quite a number wins, but a lot of draws, some decent wins and an increase in the amount of times he would during the rest of his tenure with the WWE, really not doing much until he started teaming with Ken Patera and feuding with Demolition to early 1988.

Now records are sketchy from what happened next in Billy Jack’s career after leaving the WWF, but I do know he ran his own promotion for a time in Oregon, the Oregon Wrestling Federation, that didn’t last long and saw the state athletic commission using the performance bond he had to post to pay the wrestlers.

Haynes wouldn’t see regular action again until 1989 with a tour with New Japan, a brief return to Pacific Northwest Wrestling and a stint in the abysmal Universal Wrestling Federation in 1990 before going to WCW until a new persona, ‘Black Blood’ that really didn’t go anywhere in 1991 but he was associated with Kevin Sullivan’s stable at the time. He would hang around some of the indies in the early 90s before ending up in the USWA as for a heel run that many held a high regard for, as the most over heel in all of wrestling that year , wining the USWA Heavyweight and Southern Heavyweight titles, and unifying them for a time before retiring in 1996.

Since then, Haynes has been virtually forgotten, outside of trying to sue the WWE for ‘egregious mistreatment of its wrestlers for it’s own benefit’ and other nonsense… and that was thrown out of court… in short order.

Overall… just hitting the high points… Haynes had a very forgetable career, he bounded around, hitting his home region several times, and while he was popular and drew enough to get into prominent spots… he never really broke through to being a high profile wrestler… hell you can ask the most hardcore wrestling fans, and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who’ll mention anything about him beyond WrestleMania 3.

So the question on if he’d ever get into the WWE Hall of Fame is… even with excluding the bogus lawsuit he filed… Haynes is really is just someone who doesn’t have a non-WWE resume to give his career a leg to stand on. If he had a longer run Florida or even a real lengthy run up in Oregon, or had more than just short stints in Mid-South and World Class where he could pad up his career.

But alas, he’s just a footnote at best in the history of pro wrestling… and it’s resounding nay to his chances to be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Doctors Say It's Terminal Expanse - Lets Play Star Trek Online

Hello Dwellers And Welcome To The Basement...
It's TUESDAY! Lets Play Star Trek Online!

That's right, SmackDown is not the only thing back on Tuesday nights... granted last week was more of a bump in the slot to make sure I can cover as many different things as possible. But let's get to this week's mission, "Terminal Expanse'...

Turns out that the events that lead into the the first of the JJ-Trek films was an 'accident', it's not the true history... hell this mission basically calls the now 'Kelvin Timeline' something that was not meant to be in terms of the Star Trek timeline. On top of that, this ties into the Temporal Cold War and the Sphere Builders that were a big part of Star Trek: Enterprise... but things said in this mission, actually relate to things said during the Icoanian War and the mission 'Butterfly', in particular with Clauda, a member of the Tuterian race that was erased from the timeline... namely that those members of the Tuterians that survived are the Sphere Builders... and they are quite pissed off at the Federations / The Alliance.

And knowing that... it's pretty obvious who the Envoy is when you think about it...

Anyway, their goal is to make a galaxy habitable for them, because they can only exist outside of normal conditions... and thus the mission is to stop them.As for the mission itself, it's light space combat with under-powered against Klingons, followed by fairly easy ground combat... then it's moderately difficult space combat against Ship Builder vessels . Nothing a casual player can't handle.

On top of that we encounter Admiral Garrett, who is apart of the 23rd Century missions for new characters that are created (I will do those missions in a few weeks), and we also get to view the bridge of the 'Kelvin / JJ-Trek' Constitution class ships, which is quite narrow, but it's pretty close in design of how it's seen in the movie. Now because I played this mission as a Romulan, the game recognizes that fact and Garrett has unique dialog when speaking to my character, so I'm expecting a variation on it for Klingon players... which could be a bit interesting, when I eventually roll a Klingon aligned character to play as.

Now next week, we're back to the Temporal Front missions, so it'll be a few weeks before we see Daniels again... will we learn about what's happening to his face?

The 8-Ball says eventually!

Till then, have a good one folks!

11/11/2019 Grandia

When it was announced that Steam will be get the HD Remaster of Grandia I was excited since it's been a long time since I first played i...