Saturday, June 11, 2016

What If... 'The X-Men' Anime Intros were A TV Pilot / Pitch Videos?

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And this is more of a fun 'What if...?' question... cause you see, back when The Real Ghostbusters was being prepped for the airwaves  there was a pilot music shown to build excitement and to sell the series... and it was quite different in terms of style of what the show ended up being. The pilot being more cartoony while the show (at least for it's first 13 ABC episodes and its entire Syndicated run) having a quite darker tone.

Which brings me to the X-Men 1992 series... while a great show in it's own right, it is known for having an two alternate intro sequences in Japan, with a totally different animation styles that certainly served as a contrast to show we all know and love.

Like the Real Ghostbusters pilot video, the Anime styled intros for X-Men showed a story (more or less), and certainly things on a larger scale than the show accomplished. So the question is... what if the Anime intros were the pilots for the show and if Fox Kids (or another network) bought the show based on them, how would the show turn out?

I think probably it would've been about the same, but the artistically it may have looked a lot better... if anything many of the animation problems the show suffered from may have been avoided.

But what do you all think?

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