Sunday, June 12, 2016

The same old cycle: Tragedy = Dollars

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This is obviously a darker topic, and I actually thought about doing this earlier, but went ahead with my review of 'Catwoman #1'. Because I'm shooting from the hip here, this will more than likely be a disjointed mess, but I think my point will be made clear.

Obviously you all know what happened in Orlando, Florida, and unlike the news media, I don't feel like I have to go over it, because a) I'm not in the mood to give any piece of crap who would do something like that any attention by saying his name and b) I got inspired by something that is worth talking about.

Have you ever noticed that whenever there is any kind of 'tragic' event, the bigger it is the more 'glamours' the news media makes it, particularly here in the United States. Turn on FOX News, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Telemundo, etc, etc... if there is something that will give these networks 'crying mothers', they will run the story non-stop. It will be featured on every talking head program from dawn until dusk and beyond until something else comes along.

For example: The schmuck who did some dastardly deeds to young women who was in the news all last week... and now he's 'forgotten' about? Why? Because something NEW came along, and it will be the leading topic on programs that will fuel agendas of those in power (and those seeking to be)e, and fill the pocket books of stockholders of news networks?

So the question is why? Why the answer, to an extent can be found in one of the many throw away scenes from Superman IV: The Quest For Peace.

And this is where many of you think I'm nuts, but if you note the title of this blog post, you'd see I'm spot on. In a scene when the new owners of the Daily Planet are talking about headlines, the intention is clear, to do whatever it takes to make money, but this clearly has consequences, intended or not, cause being careless and shoving so much attention onto something, particularly something negative, nearly always results in history repeating itself.

Cause the way I see it: The news media showers all this attention on the doer of the acts, making them 'famous'... and who knows, maybe they are inspiring more people to do such deeds.

Of course, I know what some of you are going to say: well the coverage serves as a forum for the families of the victims... to which I reply with the following: the families of the victims are exploited to have continued coverage. How can I be so sure about something like that? Simple, it always happens, take what happened in a town in Missouri last year, the news media more than anything helped fuel it because it let to more ad revenue... it's happening now in Florida... and will continues to happen...

Because we as a society feed into it... to borrow a line from Jim Cornette, it's the 'two dogs humping on the side of the road' theory, those who control the media will exploit something until something bigger and worse comes along or until people get tired of, and we fall for it every single time.

That's just my opinion... I could be... but more than likely, I'm not wrong.

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