Monday, June 13, 2016

The RAW View - Money in the Bank Predictions, Thoughts on RAW, The Cruiserweight Classic & More!

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement…

This is the RAW VIEW… But First Lets RING THE BELL!

And I’ve dropped the video portion, as it doesn’t do as well as the other videos I do except when discussing a Network Special.

Anyway, this Sunday is Money in the Bank… so lets go over some predictions

In the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match, I’m predicting Seth Rollins to defeat Roman Reigns

In the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, I’m predicting Chris Jericho to capture the brieface

In the Fatal Four-Way Match for the Tag Team titles, my pick is Enzo & Big Cass

For the United States Championship, I’m predicting a DQ victory for Titus O’Neil, but the title will stay with Rusev

In a battle old-era vs new era… I’m picking Apollo Crews to defeat Sheamus

There’s a Divas Tag Match taking place, I’m predicting Charlotte & Dana Brooke to get the win over Natalya & Becky Lynch

There is also another re-match between Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler booked for the pre-show, I’m picking Baron to win and hopefully end the beating of the dead horse.

I’m predicting John Cena to defeat AJ Styles… and that has probably gotten folks mad at me.

Let me explain what I’m thinking, 1) Cena has lost way too many times to message board heroes over the years, he’s lost to CM Punk, he’s lost to Daniel Bryan, he’s lost to Kevin Owens…. And 2) Cena is clearly approaching the end of his career and with the brand split happening in the near future, the #1 guy in the company should be re-established after a couple of years out of the main event scene.

Of course there is the possibility that all my predictions will be wrong, but hey, it’s how I see things going.

On Tonight’s Episode of RAW, there wasn’t a whole lot that stood out, the 8-Man tag using all four teams in the tag title match built some excitement towards the match, the Cena & AJ contract signing had a nice twist to it with AJ being forced to choose the type of match they are going to have (with the Club in his corner or without) this certainly put the pressure on AJ to deliver without his crutches, Cesaro vs Sami Zayne & Ambrose vs Jericho were just filler matches featuring men in the Money in the Bank match… the Ambrose Asylum segment served to throw the red herring out there of Ambrose possibly winning the Money in the Bank match and cashing in on Sunday … something that did stood out was how Dana Brooke tossed Charlotte into the ring in the Women’s Champion’s lost to Paige, it was a bit aggressive… the stuff with Kane and Shane was a bit fun, though why was Del Rio and Owens put in a tag match instead of a match against one another is a bit confusing, but the feeling I’m getting the WWE is more focused on the up coming brand split and are in stand by mode.

The WWE Announced the 32 wrestlers that will be taking part in the Cruiserweight Classic, some of the entries that surprised me are ECW & WWE Alumni Tajiri,  former WWE Superstar Brian Kendrick, TJ Perkins who spent quite a bit of time with TNA as Manik, Tyson Dux another TNA Alumni who really hasn’t done much of note in the past 10 years, and Ariya Daivari the bother of former WWE Superstar Khosrow Daivari… on the flip side, the inclusion of Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa has me thinking that one or both men will end up in the finales, since both are on the NXT Roster! Of course, the guy that should win it… based mainly on his career as it compares to everyone is is Kota Ibushi

TNA Held their Slammiversary show last night… hard to say what the biggest news was coming out of it, we’ll go with Drew Galloway losing the TNA Title to Bobby Lashley… and I have to think the title switch was done because Lashley doesn’t go out of his way to take matches at other companies and is a proven box-office bust, unlike Drew who is a decent draw in Europe and different parts of the US. Quite frankly, the title should’ve been kept on Galloway.

PJ Black, otherwise known as Justin Gabriel, kicked a hornets nest, when tweeting the following ‘I’m so excited for a Cody Rhodes run’ said no one ever’ which caused some folks to get on their twitter machines to rag on him for it. Personally I got a good laugh out of, particularly when Mr. Black added that the only way he can get boo’ed is to talk down about the message boards’ latest flavor of the month.

I’d love to know what Kenny of the Wrestling Kennection  though of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney dressing up as Nacho Libre for a charity wrestling event in the past week. Cause seriously, if anyone was going to dress up as a Jack Black character, it should be the Governor of my state Chris Christie… granted both are horrifying images.

And on that note, let’s call it a night!

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