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The RAW View June 6, 2016: Holla Holla Playa!

A dolla to make ya holla...
Welcome To The Basement... and The RAW View...

This is basically a disjointed mess of thoughts and opinions on tonight's episode of WWE RAW Note: This is not the order of events that things took place, I tried to group things together.

Opening segment with all the Money in the Bank guys standing on ladders talking was a nice visual, but not one of them said that would have made me bought the pay-per-view if I didn’t already subscribe to the WWE Network. It was nice to see Teddy Long, and him saying he wants to be the General Manager for SmackDown was not a surprise considering he was practically synonymous with the WWE’s B-Show for many years. Stephanie coming out to shoot him down, making a serious a matches between the Money in the Bank participants, and we got a highlight of her doing Teddy’s jig… which certainly a great visual. But all in all, this was the usual talking segment. The day we get a match in the first segment again it will shock the world.

The first match that was Cesaro and Jericho who put on a solid match, which saw Cesaro getting a submission win, thisgives the Swiss Superman some momentum. But it seems to be clear that neither he or Jericho will win Money in the Bank

Later on we got a backstage segment with Del Rio and Zayn reaffirmed the fact that Del Rio is a guy who belongs in the main events and Zayn belongs at the lower end of the call. Helps that earlier in the night that when Del Rio called Zayn a dog and a paper boy, the crowd agreed. The match between them was serviceable, nothing to write home about, when Del Rio is in the ring with a guys up to his level, he can work magic, but Zayn is guy who builds everything around spots, and it looks awkward when he has to step up to work with superior performers. Hell the crowd continued to stay behind Del Rio with ‘Si’ chants

We got backstage segment with Kevin Owens confronting Dean Ambrose about being off the deep end, again reminds the world of the fact of why Dean was able to shake off the indy-status and where Owens continues to reek of it. Ambrose carries himself of a star, Owens doesn’t. The match they had was a rather heat-less affair, no real urgency was felt here that saw Ambrose getting a sudden win with the Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap-T. After the match Owens shoved Ambrose off a ladder to show how ‘dangerous’ the match type is. 

So based on these matches... Cesaro has the momentum, but the most logical choice is for Del Rio to win Money in the Bank.

There were two video packages to try and get viewers interested in Rollins vs Reigns with way too damn long and only worked to give more reason to cheer for Rollins over Reigns which obviously wasn’t their intention. Both men will be in the Ambrose Asylum Talk Show segment next week… wait wasn’t that canceled by Stephanie McMahon?!

The feud with Titus and Rusev may be expanding to include Jack Swagger, who despite taking a count-out lost to Rusev in his home state of Oklahoma, looked very strong and I won't be surprised if this ends up being a triple threat-match to have Swagger take the loss for Rusev to retain.. Loved that Titus basically buried his time with The Prime Time Players as a reason why he didn’t get opportunities, I’m sure Darren Young appreciates it as Bob Backlund tries to make him great for the first time by stealing his car keys, as we saw in a later segment.

Cena saying the electricity of his in-ring face to face with AJ last week was in the same category with The Rock is a bit odd, as it was a bit of an overstatement. AJ’s explanation was that ‘he had a plan to punch Cena in the face’ was weak as all hell, and then he he went to the tired as hell ‘Cena can’t wrestle’ crap that was outdated 10 years ago. Cena lighting AJ up on the mic was priceless, and it exposed AJ as nothing more than yet another message board favorite who has no business with the very top of the WWE performers. And as far as ‘selling out’ places in Japan, he did not do that, in fact he was a mid-tier star over there despite winning the IWGP title. The inclusion of the New Day running in to confront The Club added a spark for their scheduled match for later in the night in the main event, which saw The Tag Team Champions get destroyed prior to the match with Xavier being ‘injured’, and the match got started 3 on 2 with the Club having the advantage with the fans chanting for Cena to come out when the Club got the win and beat down on the New Day. Cena came out, AJ got to beat on him before Cena and the New Day rally. Not really the best way to continue this, as it should’ve been Cena joining the New Day to make the match 3 on 3.

Correction to something I said earlier on Ring The Bell, I forge that Big Cass and Enzo were products of the Performance Center and NXT, but they are team, but not a singles star, so that part stands. Speaking of them, they had a ‘revenge’ match with the Vaudevillians. The act of Enzo and Cass will never get old, it’s fun and they can spit fire on the mic. The match itself was a bit interesting, with a turn that when The Vaudeviilans looked like they were going to injury Enzo, Cass snapping and demolishing both Gotch and English, setting up the ‘if you mess with one, you mess with both’

There was a number of some video tributes or rather ‘tweet’ slidehows with the WWE commenting on the passing of Muhammad Ali, which were really well done to build towards a great video package.

However one of the segments was followed by Stephanie McMahon being interrupted by Teddy Long dancing to his theme music, and pitching a fatal four way tag match for the tag team titles at Money in the Bank, which Stephanie steals saying she came up with the idea. There was a bit of weirdness with Teddy showing the ‘dollar dollar’ that would make Stephanie ‘holla holla’… was he propositioning her?

The pairing of Charlotte and Dana Brooke continues to look great, as the kicking of Ric Flair to curb continues to get the Women’s Champion heat, making people wanting to see her lose big time. Charlotte ‘apologizes’ but said everything she said needed to be said and she is still ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’, Natayla and Becky come out not buying the BS Charlotte is shoveling while seemingly putting doubts into Dana’s mind, which lead to a swerve and a brawl between the four beauties, that saw Charlotte & Dana get the better end of the skirmish, which lead to a match being booked between Becky and Dana for SmackDown

Primo and Epico got another vignette...putting over Puerto Rico… and outside of the re-debut match I don’t recall them having any matches. Unless the goal is to help build up Puerto Rico's economy.

FaBreeze… and I mean Breezeango and The Golden Truth continued their feud with a one and one match that broke down into a brawl between all four guys with The Golden Truth getting the upper hand. Teddy Long came out and ‘made it a tag team match playa’… only for security to throw him out. There  was a backstage segment Tyler Breeze shaving Fandango’s back… and it seems they me they are going for a Billy & Chuck / Fabulous Ones vibe with their team, which works very well I think. 

Oh and yeah, as Teddy was being escorted out, we had Stephanie saying she’s going to be one running SmackDown… so it’ll be Shane running RAW and her running SmackDown? Okay… WWE Civil War coming much sooner than I'd hope.

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