Monday, June 20, 2016

The Chekov Conundrum

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As many of you know, Anton Yelchin passed away in the past few days due to a tragic accident (condolences to his family), and of course, to Star Trek fans, he is best known as the JJ-Verse Chekov... and I can't help but wonder how exactly is that 'side' of Star Trek, that is under the watch of JJ Abrams, is going to handle an actual first for the franchise: the actor of one of the prominent characters now being deceased.

Yeah, in the history of Star Trek, this has never really occurred before where there are shows or movies being made. And this isn't the same of when the JJ-verse was created so he could 'Star Wars'-up the franchise and casting new people into the roles played by William Shatner and company. The JJ-Trek universe is only three movies (and two really bad video games) old... so what are going to do with Chekov?

It's an interesting creative conundrum... cause now they can really separate themselves even further from the Prime-Trek timeline it they choose to write off the character. But how do you do that? Do you promote or transfer Chekov off the Enterprise in between films? Have an explosive opening in the fourth movie where you say he's killed?

Or do you simply just re-cast the character? Certainly that's a big can of worms there... that would probably result in a lame duck 'Chekov... you've changed' line tossed in. Hell 'Star Trek: Voyager' had multiple versions of Harry Kim... though none looked very different from the others since they were all played by the same actor.

Certainly there are a number of different ways this can be addressed following the release of Star Trek Beyond on July 22, but regardless of what they choose to do, there is bound to be backlash regardless.... as seen when such events have happened to other franchises.

It will be interesting to watch....

And on a side the Prime-Verse Chekov, as portrayed by Walter Koenig, is set to come to Star Trek Online's 'Agents of Yesterday' expansion next month on July 6.

So Chekov will be on the mind of many Star Trek fans in the coming weeks

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