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Spotlight: Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse by Jack Strange

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Yes I have had a busy Sunday.... and even though we are a few months away from Halloween, but this cannot wait until the month of spooks, ghoulies and a demons. Most of you know me for talking about comic books, movies, video games, TV shows, pro wrestling … but I never talk about into books. Well the reason for that is that everything else has a bit of a visual media that one can refer to see what I’m talking about without spoilers being given away, books are a separate creature on to themselves that when reviewing them, you have to take extra care.

Still… when you got something called ‘Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse’ the cat may be out of the bag based on the title alone.

Written by Jack Strange, released this year (2016 in case some of you are reading this in the future!)  and published by Kensington Gore Publishing, ‘CCZA’ tells the story of a long-deceased celebrity chef named Floyd Rampant who is resurrected years after his death to make the reruns of his cooking show seem fresh again for a network that purchased the broadcast rights to them.

However the revived chef has some a different choice from the menu of renewed life… he wants to, you guessed it, take over the world while using humans as his main ingredient in dishes for the digestive pleasures of other zombies. Rampant isn’t your typical zombie, he does have his intelligence and does up come up with a cunning plan… in between the seasoning his victims for a ghoulish dish.

The story doesn’t entirely focus on the 'Gordan Ramsey of the Undead', there are a number of other characters introduce that play a major part of the story… And then there is the cat… but I won’t get into that… it would be giving away too much, and those who read and watch my comic book reviews know I try not to give spoilers.

But let’s just say a lot of the concepts in the story would without question work as a Movie in the Horror-Dark Comedy genre, or an even a Graphic Novel, I because a lot of the details certainly creates some wild mental imagery.

I will admit that this is a pretty brisk read, and rather short, also helped by what I’d like to call the ‘Dan Brown’ style of chapters, where they are short enough to have you feel as if you’re making a lot of progress… but at the same time giving the reader moments to recover from some of the shocking, and at times twistedly hilarious, events of the story, which is actually welcomed when you read what occurs. . The book itself is divided into three sections, Beginnings, Rising, Apocalypse, with everything within each section to meet the themes implied by heading.

So the verdict is this, if you’re a Zombie-Head, a horror fan, or just like something dark and twisted, give it a shot, it is available through Amazon via Kindle, and you can get your hands on a physical copy as well, if you prefer to have a physical book in your hands.

To Purchase The Book On Kindle Click HERE

To Purchase The Book As A Paperback Click HERE

For More About The Author Jack Strange and a recent interview he gave, click HERE

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