Monday, June 6, 2016

Ring The Bell: NXT The End Predictions, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins' Feelins & More

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement… let’s Ring The Bell…

Where I talk about all the news related to the world of pro-wrestling with my totally unqualified insight and with a clearly biased agenda. So hey, at least I’m honest about that fact.

So right off the bat, NXT The End is this Wednesday night… and yes I will do a post-show on what happens during that event as soon as it goes off the air. And I do have my predictions which are as follows…

Andrade Almas will defeat Tye Dillinger, this will be a glorified squash

Austin Aries will go over Shinsuke Nakamura, I won’t be surprised if this match ends up being terrible due to wanting to one ‘up’ that Ricochet O’spreay match which wasn’t all that good in and of itself

American Alpha will retain the NXT Tag Titles over The Revivial, this could be lot of fun, cause all four men have shown to have classic tag team psychology down.

Finn Balor will regain the NXT Title by defeating Samoa Joe in a cage match… I don’t care for Joe, and Finn is too valuable to NXT at this point.The ship has sailed on Finn Balor being an impact star getting called up to the main roster.

And in the MAIN EVENT, Nia Jax will defeat Asuka

Yeah that last one probably has folks turning their head, well first off the Women’s match on the NXT Specials are always the best matches, and secondly, Nia Jax lost to Bayley back at NXT London, which made sense cause there was a number of challengers for Bayley to continue her reign. On the other hand, now it doesn’t make sense for Asuka to keep the title for the opposite reason, there is no one outside of Nia who has a credible shot at beating her and there are more babyface challengers to Nia to work with.

I’ve gotten into a debate about earlier today, and that is ‘What is wrestling’…. And I can actually tell you what it is, when you strip away all the ‘style differences’ which are just variations on a theme, wrestling is a simulated combat sport where the performers MUST show the desire to win a logical sense to the order of events. That’s it, all the flashy moves in the world don’t mean SQUAT if the performers themselves are not showing what they are doing means something. A huge reason (beyond the hot shotting of the late 90s and early 2000s) why wrestling isn’t as popular as it was it once was is that there are now a generation of wrestlers who want to do stunts to wow 100 people instead of having a wrestling match that could draw 10,000 people. And yes it is a world of difference, go on the WWE Network and watch the pre-1990 stuff that is there if you need proof.

That said… let’s get the RAW VIEW on some various topics shall we?

Brock Lesnar will be fighting at UFC 200… his opponent will be Mike Hunt… oh excuse me, he’ll be fighting Mark Hunt, cause no way is Mike Hunt going to take a pounding from The Beast. Boy I am so immature. Anyway, considering Hunt has been fighting on a pretty regular basis, I won’t be surprised if he makes quick work of Lesnar, and if this allows Ronda Rousey to have more interaction with the WWE.

Former WWE Superstar Adam Rose has picked the name he’s going to use on the indy circuit… Aldo Rose… and he’s keeping the party man character as well…. I’m fine with that… but if you’re going to use the name Aldo, at least have a last name that matches it… like say Polaco… or better yet Montoya… and have a nick name like the Portuguese Man-O-Party’… if you don’t get the joke, that’s not just the coolest… that’s just incredible… but seriously, Aldo Rose is a terrible name.

Something I found funny was Seth Rollins saying he had his feeling hurt when Bret Hart rightfully buried him for being a reckless and unprofessional, in regards to breaking the nose of John Cena last summer in addition to wrestling like a complete idiot, taking unnecessary risks that resulted in him suffering a knee last November while being the WWE Champion To quote The Hitman: “There’s just no excuse for it, you can’t hurt somebody like that under any circumstances. The other thing is, when you’re the champion YOU HAVE a responsibility to not get hurt, you have to be spot on, nobody can hurt you and you can’t hurt yourself, it’s not allowed’. Which is spot on, when you’re put in the spot of being the top guy in the company, you have to be on point, injuring others and later getting injured yourself, accidental or not, is not what makes a top star, and history proves this to be true.

The Money in the Bank card is looking solid, Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins is going to be the poor mans version of what John Cena vs AJ Styles is going to be, because a) Cena knows what he’s doing and b) can keep AJ in check from doing idiotic stunts too often. Now the ladder match itself was said to have seven people involved, but as of yet, only six were announced.

Tommy End is said to have signed with the WWE…  and it’s just Triple H signing another ‘message board hero’ that continues to prove that NXT is actually a failure when it comes to developing male wrestlers.

NXT’s Elias Samson suffered an ankle injury and… I don’t know if absence will make the heart grow fonder in his case, as he was one of the many initially loved by the NXT crowd and now gets the ‘frog off’  heat.

And that will wrap this up, I will post the RAW View on tonight RAW later tonight.

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