Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Let's Play Sam & Max Hit The Road - From A Carnival to A World Of Fish!

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...
Let's Play Sam & Max Hit The ROAD!

Several weeks ago, I did a mini-series of live let's play videos playing 'Indiana Jones & The Fate of Atlantis', one of the awesome games published by Lucas Arts back in the early to mid 90s...

And since I remember everything about the game (and even a number of dialog exchanges), I figure why not play Sam & Max: Hit The Road and do a series of live streams with that classic game? Particularly since it's a game everyone can get these days over at

Now for those of you who may not know, Sam & Max, are an anthropomorphic dog and a rabbit who serve as 'Freelance Police', fighting crime 'unofficially' and yet 'officially'... created by Steve Purcell, the duo have enjoyed a cult following since the 1980s with comic books, a cartoon series and of course computer games. 

Sam & Max: Hit The Road sees the duo assigned by the commissioner, to head to a carnival where something bizzare is happening (I thought that was the whole point!). Turns out a big foot named Bruno has escaped from a block of ice and has kidnapped Trixie, a giraffe-neck girl from Scranton... but not all is as it seems... and our heroes aren't the only ones looking for them, country music star Conroy Bumpus, a short bloke with a bad toupee, and his assistant / body guard Lee Harvey are also looking for a big foot.   

As you'll see in the replay from tonight's Live Stream, I certainly have things memorized in terms of getting items instantly and knowing where and when to use them. This was one of a few games I played repeatedly as a kid, so I have instant recall to the puzzles and such. I did try to include as much of the dialog sequences I came across as it relates to various characters to keep things moving at a decent pace.

The next time I do a live stream, will probably be within the next week.

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