Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Advice On How To Shop For Comics!

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As some have noticed over the past few months, my comic book collection ranges over a large period of time, but there is that question of: How does one shop for comics these days, for either new or old material?

Well as I tend to mention on Sundays, Comixology often has the digital versions of a lot of the stuff I review... but what if you want physical copies of comics? Yeah that's a tricky one to cover ain't it?

Obviously the first answer is to see if you have a comic book store in your area, and figure out how easily you can get it to via car or public transportation (Your situation may obviously vary). If you have a comic book shop that you can get too without too much hassle with traffic (or spending on bus fare), congrats, you got a perfect location to stay up to date on all the current comics and probably have a good location to browse long boxes for older material (this obviously depends on the stores' policies).

Now what if you're not near a comic book shop... well then you got your online resources...  DC and Marvel both have monthly subscription offers on their sites (your value per dollar may vary), and some sites offer pre-ordering of individual issues that are upcoming as they be out of stock depending on how in-demand something is (such as DC's Rebirth series is a tough find). So checking around is your best bet here.

The other method you can do, is make use of Amazon and eBay for when new comics come out. Comic book shops around the country who may not have full blown websites, do have their online shops through these two major marketplaces, and you can order browse to see what type of deal you can get. Normally the market retail price is what you end up paying plus shipping & handling. Amazon shoppers beware though, that a lot of the vendors tend to double-charge shipping and handling, even if you're buying multiple items from them!

Finally... what if you're looking for older material.... this is where you make use of everything I've talked about above. I often use for a lot and I mean A LOT of individual issues that I'm looking for to complete a mini-series or storyline.  There are similar websites out there, but I like their layout and it's easy to navigate, you may find a site that better suits your needs.

Obviously some comics are going to be tougher to come by than others... but that's where trade collections come in.

Trades, for those who may not know, often either collect whole story lines, or in some cases the entire series (often in a volume format) These are an excellent way to boost your comic collecting experience... but like individual issues, some trade collections are easier to find than others. In my search for things, I have found that searching a combination of Amazon, eBay and a site like Navigating all three sites when searching for say, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns for example, will allow you, cause you can take advantage of the re-sellers market. Since I'm a collector who doesn't mind things not being in mint or near mint condition, this gives me a lot of room to play with, and get a combination of things in short order.

So...with all that said, I hope in some small way, this helps you in your journey for comic books!

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