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Spotlight - The Chronicles of Lanclos (a Star Trek fan production)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement!

So since Friday I've been dragged over the coals by the Axanard Cult for saying the guidelines were fair... and then today...I come across a Star Trek Fan Film made by the good folks at Potemkin Pictures, 'The Chronicles of Lanclos', which tells a fine story in under 10 minutes, with nice production values and character development. Nothing to fancy, but something clearly done by fans for fun. It is certainly worth checking out!

For More About Potemkin Pictures Visit:

Psycho Sid Vicious - Yay Or Nay For The Hall of Fame

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement  and Yay Or Nay for the Hall of Fame…
This week’s subject… well… he hail’s from where ever he damn well pleases… most noteably West Memphis Arkansas…. He stands 6 feet 9 inches and checks in at 317 lbs… he is the man… the master… and ruler of the World…. SID VICIOUS!

Debuting in the late 1980s after a chance encounter with the Poffo Brothers, Sid got his start in Continental Championship Wrestling and had a couple of short stints in New Japan and World Class Championship Wrestling… but it was in 1989 where he got his first large bit of fame with World Championship Wrestling, where he was placed into a tag team with Danny Spivey called the Skyscrapers, having epic battles with The Steiner Brothers and the Road Warriors, and making the power bomb his finishing move. However this stint didn’t last as a broken rib put him on the side lines for a bit, and his spot was under taken by a guy named Mean Mark… wonder whatever happened to him?

Anyway, w…

In The Midnight Hour - Lets Play Star Trek Online

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to The Basement!

It's TUESDAY! Let's Play Star Trek Online!

And it's come to this... the many space miles along the interstellar highway that we've traveled has brought us here... one final nose-to-nose slug fest with the Iconians, for the fate of Earth and the Galaxy! The Alliance has a plan... to use the Krenim ship to create a gateway to the past, allowing a team to go back 200,000 years to wipe out the Iconians on the day their world was invaded... but all isn't as it seems.

This mission... let's face it... it brought conclusion to the first five years of Star Trek Online... everything was building towards this point, and it was a satisfying conclusion... even with the predestination paraodox of Sela going to the past to betray the Iconians so that they can destroy Romulus so that she is motivated to go back to the past to the destroy them and... the circle goes on and on and on... in fact, this mission actually gives reason for r…

Spotlight - Jim Cornette's Story Regarding Brock Lesnar

Hello Dwellers... and Welcome To The Basement...

I was flipping through YouTube tonight following last night's episode of Monday Night RAW, and came across Jim Cornette telling a rather interesting story involving Brock Lesnar... and well... Louisville, Kentucky's favorite son is not one to me messed with... and yeah, I do believe that Cornette would indeed do the deed.

Now if only this story could be  told on his podcast on MLW Radio

Ring The Bell: Roman Reigns, Kurt Angle, Vader vs Ospreay and more!

Hello  Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement…. 
It’s Monday! Time To RING THE BELL and get the RAW VIEW for the week that was in the world of pro wrestling!

And let’s start off with the suspension of Roman Reigns… excuse me…. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Okay, I’m better now, but yeah, Roman got caught by the WWE’s Wellness policy, and really the last time someone from that high up the card got busted, was Randy Orton… and we saw how that turned out, Orton would get a number of semi-main event pushes, but he’s never gotten a sustained run on top. So what does this mean for Roman? Probably not much, since his 30 day suspension would expire prior to the Battleground event in a few weeks… so he’s off TV for the entire build of the show, which puts the spotlight on the new WWE Champion Dean Ambrose, who is obviously going to swim and not sink. Regardless, I have to laugh at Roman for being such a flipping idiot, it’s bad enough that he can’t get the crowd behind him, he can’t move me…

My Little Pony: Humble Bundle - Comcis From The Basement

Hello Dwellers...
and Welcome to Comics From The  Basement!

It may not show… but yeah I am a brony…. Oh wait there’s been that awesome piece of Rainbow Dash artwork behind me since Camden Comic Con, so yeah it is obvious. As a kid I remember seeing the earlier incarnation of My Little Pony that had a shared show with The Glo Friends, and I only remember that because I had the original glo worm plush toy as a kid.

Fast forward to 2010 and My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic… when I first came across it, I was blown away with how awesome it was,. The stories are good, each with a message but told in a way that isn’t talking down to it’s viewers, the characters are instantly identifiable and likeable, hell even when they may doing something idiotic in terms of their personalities you can’t dislike them (and for the record Rainbow Dash is 20% cooler than the rest of the Mane 6)… the voice work is among the best I’ve ever heard for an animated (helps that Tara Strong is Twilightlicious), th…

Star Trek Online - Risan Vacation Snapshots

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement

So during the course of the past few week, Star Trek Online has been running it's annual Risa Vacation event, and I've had my main toon, Zagreus, station there over the past few weeks. And since I mess around with the screen shots to make the title cards for the Lets Play Videos, I just had some fun with a few random vacation pics.

If you have an 'issue' with the fair guidelines CBS & Paramount laid out

Alright, most know that I'm pro-CBS / pro-Paramount as far as the Star Trek Fan Film guidelines are concerned, but I understand there are those up in arms, claiming the guidelines are unfair. So, here's a link where you can go to sign a petition for a 'change'.  

But let me be clear, I've seen a number of announcements from those involved with fan films saying how they are going to continue or not continue, but none of them are stating any 'out rage' towards CBS and Paramount, in fact the rage is directed towards Alec Peters and those involved with Star Trek Axanar.

The Bride of Sacrifice - Tales From The TARDIS

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement! 

It’s Saturday! Time for More Doctor Who Fun With TALES FROM THE TARDIS!

This week’s episode is’ The Bride Of Sacrifice, part three of The Aztecs story.

It opens with Barbara responding to Tlotoxl’s demand to stop the fight herself… by pulling out a knife and threatening to kill him! Barbara Wright is a bad ass folks! Tlotoxl stops the fight, and later Barbara tries to convince Autloc that stopping the sacrifices would be the best thing for the Aztec people, cause yeah, interfering is working out so very well so far. Barbara has good intentions, but she fighting an up-hill battle.

In the mean time, Tlotoxl confronts The Doctor about while he gave Ixta the poisoned needle to defeat Ian, and The Doctor responds that he did not know that Ixta would be facing Ian and that it was to get the schematics for Yetaxa’s tomb… which gives Tlotoxl another angle to try in order to prove that Barbara is not Yetaxa

Elsewhere, Ixta is more friendly with Ian, …

This Week: Star Trek Fan Film Guidelines, Axanar, The new Ghostbusters theme & More!

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement…  

It’s Friday! Time To Go Over THIS WEEK With The Superheroes!

And right off the bat, let’s talk about Axanar… or rather what has resulted because of the stupidity of one Alec Peters… first, if you’re unaware of the fact that I’m anti-Axanar, welcome you must be new here!

CBS and Paramount has laid down the LAW Judge Dredd style with the ‘Guidelines’ for what is okay in the realm of Star Trek Fan Films. Perhaps the biggest one right off the bat is that the fan production must be less than 15 minutes for a single self-contained story, or no more than 2 segments, episodes or parts not to exceed 30 minutes total, with no additional season, episodes, parts, sequels or remakes.

Yeah considering a lot of long running fan productions, like Star Trek Continues, have episodes that run 45 minutes long… this is a hurting point, but a lot of the other guidelines, such as the work not being demeaning to Star Trek, those involved should not be paid and th…

Sketch June 24, 2016

Just a quick drawing, nothing special lol

Sonic @ 25! - Let's Play Sonic The Hedgehog

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

On June 23, 1991... Sega unleashed upon the world a blue hedgehog in red and white sneakers... and 25 years later, gamers all over the globe are celebrating the anniversary pf the first games release.

Now what I planned to do was a live stream, but during the course of it, the stream was experience lag and difficulties, and the games themselves weren't performing up to par, and it turns out that was due to an issue with the 'Hub' room the Steam version of the Sega Mega Drive Collection has, which for some reason is a bigger RAM-hog than newer games for some reason... and it turned out I wasn't the only one having this issues, so after messing around with the settings, I was able to record what I intended to stream live.... which was playing the first acts of four Sonic Games, The first three games plus Sonic 3D Blast.

The reason why Sonic & Knuckles isn't included is because the SMDC version has it as 'Sonic 3 …

A Hard Day's Night - Basement Matinee

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To Basement Matinee...

At the height of Beatlemania in 1964.... a little movie was made for £189,000 and in so many ways, set the standard for film to capture the craziness the Fab Four experienced with the perfect mix of satire.

From the word go (or rather first chord of the title song), we see John Lennon, Paul McCartny, George Harrison & Ringo Starr (playing themselves) running to escape their fans in order to catch a train to London where they are going to perform on television. Over the course of the first act, we are introduced to Paul's grandfather (played by Wilfred Brambell) whose a bit of a troublemaker, their road manager (played by John Junkin) and manager (played by Norman Rossington). It's established that the Fab Four are group of fun loving lads, though Ringo is quite reserved, someone who enjoys a good book, which draws him quite a bit of ribbing from his mates. Paul's granddad encourages Ringo to go out an experience life..…

Stan 'The Man' Stasiak - Yay Or Nay For The Hall of Fame

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to The Basement… 

And it’s Wednesday, so time for Yay or Nay for the Hall of Fame…

Also, apparently I’m a ‘neckbeard’ because I sport a ‘Fedora’ and tend to let my facial hair grow for long periods of times… the internet is a weird place... imagine if I wore my glasses, I'd be called a 'hipster'.

Any way, Last week, I went over the case of Ivan Koloff, who transitioned the WWWF Championship from Bruno Sammartino to Pedro Morales… this week, I’ll be looking at the case of Stan The Man Stasiak… who transitioned the same championship from Morales BACK to Sammartino. For those wondering, it had all to do with population at the time, Sammartino was big with the Italians, and Morales with the Puerto Ricans, and Sammrtino was a bigger star…wrestling can be strange like that.

From what I can find out, the man who would be ‘The Man’, is said to have debuted in 1958, but the earliest records I can find of him wrestling is in 1959 he was seen a lot Sasatchew…