Friday, May 6, 2016

Walt Before Mickey - Basement Matinee

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Hello and Welcome to  Basement Matinee... 

Let's talk about 'Walt Before Mickey'

This was a 2015 Bio-Pick, covering Walt Disney's early years in show business, such as his time running Laugh-O-Gram Studio and up to the first Mickey Mouse short, "Plane Crazy"

The thing that brought my attention to this film, was actually a friend's post on Facebook regarding how 'bad' it was... and while it wasn't great, I found it to be a bit serviceable as a bio-pick.

It was paid adequate lip service to Walt's youth, but focuses on his struggles in Kansas City with previously mentioned Laugh-O-Gram Studio, where his poor way of doing business, and his eventual move to California where along with his brother Roy, founded Disney Brothers Studio (later renamed Walt Disney Studios) with work on the Alice Comedies, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and dealing Charles Mintz, and obviously closing out with how Mickey was created.

With a running time of an hour and fifty minutes, it does feel every bit of it, but the tone is pretty light and easy going, so I didn't mind the length as much, and some things probably could've been cut out for pacing (the showing of the production of several Alice comedies was a bit much) and some of the things built up for the sake of drama do feel a bit forced. 

The cast was serviceable, but nothing outstanding and you won't go out of your way to learn who these people are... outside of Jon Heder, who is pretty well known.

If I had a major complaint, is that... everything felt a bit... sterilized, since the film wasn't endorsed by Disney Studios, probably great effort was taken to not get sued by the Disney Estate or the company itself.  

All in all, it's a decent enough movie to watch if you can't find anything else, and does draw some attention to the pre-Mickey Walt Disney. So it it worth checking out you're having trouble finding something to watch.

Tomorrow (or rather later today) Will Be This Week With The Superheroes... and there a couple of topics I'm kicking around along with the go-over of this weeks shows. Catch ya later!

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