Friday, May 6, 2016

This Week With The SuperHeroes: Captain America Civil War, Power Rangers & More!

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Hello and Welcome To The Basement... And This Week With The Superheroes... 

Captain America: Civil War hit theaters in the United States today, and thanks to some circumstances falling into the place, I saw it today on 3D earlier today... and this was a lot of fun, you had a logical (well close to logical) reason for Captain America and Iron Man to be on opposite sides of the accords put in place to keep the Avengers in-check, we saw the big screen debuts of new Spider-Man and Black Panther, and resolution (more or less) with the Winter Soldier.

But the big thing to take away from this movie is that it's actually FUN... there was quipy remarks, comedy to show that these characters are 'human' even with the gravity of the issues and problems at hand... and it also helps that the movie HAD MORE THAN THREE COLORS... and things were seen in DAYLIGHT... what a huge difference that makes. The action sequences were well done... and I loved the fact that week after seeing The Atom go giant sized on Legends of Tomorrow last week, we saw Ant Man going giant size on the big screen.

The one things about this movie that caught off guard was a MILFy Aunt May... the fan fic shippers  are going to have a field day with her... and the fact there was not a 'big bad' to deal with, but there was certainly a lot of misdirection involved. Also since i saw this in 3D... this was better than Batman V Superman, cause the effects and blend of colors certainly worked, and only a handful of instances was it distracting namely with text on the screen.

Now, switching gears... Let's talk about Power Rangers... or rather the suits that look like they were designed by a drunken Tony Stark... yes the 1995 movie had armor suits... but they actually looked like things you'd see in original Sentai and it's American Adaption, plus look like they would be logical in a fight... however what these new suits look like as if they were designed by Rob Liefield, boob-socks and unnecessary heel footwear for the Yellow and Pink Rangers just makes me roll my eyes. What was wrong with using the suits similar in designed to the 1995 film? Oh wait... it's because they look like Iron Man knock offs... oy vey.

Anyway, on to this weeks shows

Gotham: Wrath of the Villains: Azrael
Plot: Professor Strange is questioned by Gordon and Bruce, then sends a resurrected Galavan to confront Gordon; Nygma tries to learn more about Strange.
Rating: 3 out of 5 - This was an episode of two halves, the first half was rather slow and plodding, but the second Galavan arrived at the GCPD and went nuts, it kicked ass... and there was some obvious Batman imagery used with Azrael.

The Flash: Rupture
Plot: Back on Earth-1, Zoom is intent on taking over Central City; Barry and Wells devise a dangerous plan to stop Zoom for good; Barry reaches out to both fathers for advice
Rating: 1 out 5 - Oh frogging hell... The Flash is limping badly to the end of his season, with Barry coming across like a total idiot...there was nothing positive about this episode, which saw yet another Earth-2 Counterpart killed off (this time the one of Vibe's brother) and the rest of the supporting cast feeding into the stupidity of Barry left a bad taste in my mouth.

Arrow: Genesis  
Plot: Oliver and Felicity seek a magical solution to defeat Darhk; Diggle seeks revenge and heads out to confront Andy; Alex takes Thea on a vacation, which turns into a nightmare.
Rating: 4 out of 5 - Unlike with Flash, we got some forward progression with the characters being very much aware, Oliver and Felicity seem to be getting back on track, Diggle did what had to be done, Thea realizes something is wrong with the vacation destination...this was solid.

Agents of SHIELD: Failed Experiments
Plot: As the threat of Hive looms, loyalties are put to the test and the team must come up with a decisive resolution
Rating: 3 out of 5 - Kind of meh... we don't see much forward progression, but the showdown with Mack and Daisy was pretty cool, and the call back to Kree blood being in her and her willingness to be the source for Hive's plan to InHumanize the world was a nice cliff hanger

Legends of Tomorrow: River of Time
Plot- The team successfully captures Vandal Savage; Savage tells Kendra he can reunite her with Carter, causing her to struggle with whether or not she should kill him; Rip decides to deliver Savage to the Time Masters.
Rating: 4 out of 5 - For an episode that looked like it was going down the path Flash did with everyone being a total idiot, it certainly changed course in a hurry and for the better. Savage manipulating members of the team was clever, and the revelation that Savage is in league with the Time Masters was a nice twist. With two episodes left, everything is clicking on all cylinders, hopefully the momentum carries through.

Tomorrow If Free Comic Book Day... so I'll be out and about searching for a comic book shop, and of course tomorrow will also be the latest Tales From The TARDIS

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