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The RAW View - Emma Injured, Extreme Rules Predictions and More

Hello and Welcome To The Basement… and The RAW View…

I’m changing the format of this blog (and its corresponding vlog) to present multiple topics so this may be a tortuous mess.

And so we’ll begin with the news that WWE Super-starlet Emma, ruptured a disc in her back at a recent live event, and this will require surgery. This really sucks as she spent the last year reinventing her persona, from the happy-go-lucky Aussie to the bad girl from the outback as part of a duo with Dana Brooke down on NXT, and the act was being reformed on the main roster. That said, this was acknowledged on RAW when Dana was facing Becky Lynch with questions of how it’s going to affect her career. She and Becky had a fine match where she got the win, but if it was up to me, I’d slot Dana with Dolph as being Kent State Alumni / Showoff tandem, which would freshen Dolph up as a heel while she continues to improve on the live event circuit while getting a Televised match on RAW, SmackDown, Superstars and Main Event on a regular basis..

There has been a number of cryptic tweets from Cody Rhodes leading to speculation that he will be dropping the Stardust persona, which I really hope isn’t the case, because it would just happen out of the blue. A change back to being plain old Cody Rhodes needs to be built up over the course of a year, so that when it finally happens people will be demanding it. In my mind, the best way to do it is to have backstage segments of Stardust talking to a mirror and the reflection being Cody, kind of something out of the Twilight Zone episode the ‘Nervous Man I n a Four Dollar Room’. You can build these conversations up, having them play off gloating over a win, being frustrated over a loss, going over a number of different themes until the roles are reversed. Certainly would make for some compelling television…. Hell something done over a long course of time while making the people want it works, case in point the R-Truth & Goldust storyline that lasted over five months which resulted in them teaming up tonight… and also resulted in Tyler Breeze and Fandango forming a tag team as well. Granted The Golden Truth lost… but the story got to this point.

Stephanie McMahon is going to be writing a memoir… and I kind of have to laugh at this… I’m sure it will be an interesting read, but let’s be honest here, I highly doubt we’ll get an honest book from her, not with how ‘Vince’ like she is said to be, because with her success and failures in the business world… well one just has to look at the WWE’s lack of success since the day she became a fixture on the creative team not to mention the overly documented fact that she was basically handed the job without any formal experience. To put it mildly, the eight months of producing videos for my YouTube Channel and the three months I’ve been doing my blog is probably more experience with coming up with content than Stephanie McMahon had when she was given her job. That said, I’ll be sure to read the book. Speaking of Steph, she and Shane played well off each other tonight, with them wanting to be consulted on what the other does but in the end working out. I really hope this storyline isn’t rushed to have a ‘Civil War’ anytime soon.

Chris Jericho has been kayfaybing it up a lot on social media lately, which is refreshing, though actually blocking the WWE’s twitter account may be a bit silly to some, it does play up Jericho’s character. I really think more wrestlers should do that, although you run into the problem with heel turns and breaking character for reality and the like. Just goes to show the unique problems that social media gives to pro wrestling.

TMZ is exploiting the hell out of Chyna’s death, because that is what they do, by obtaining and releasing footage that was said to be intended for her ‘comeback’ documentary, which presents her in a sad light… and yeah, all I got to say is, TMZ thrives on the misery of others, and we as a society love to feed into that. Don’t say we don’t, because there is actual documented proof, just look at the number of hits TMZ website gets when a celebrity dies or does something ill advised.

TNA is reportedly behind on paying it’s production folks again… seriously how is that company not out of business yet?

Anyway, let’s close this out with predictions for Extreme Rules This Sunday with the announced card

Dolph Ziggler facing Baron Corbin in a NO DQ match on pre-show… I’m taking Baron
Chris Jericho going up against Dean Ambrose in an Asylum match… since Dean won last month, 50-50 booking means Jericho wins here
The Miz defending the Intercontinental Championship against Cesaro and the Quebeccers… I’m picking The Miz to retain here
Kalisto defending the United States Championship against Rusev… I’m taking Rusev to win, primarily to transition to belt to John Cena possibly as soon as Memorial Day
Charlotte defending the Women’s Championship against Natalya in a submission match with Ric Flair banned from ringside… I’m taking Charlotte here, mainly because I see the WWE wanting to get the title on Sasha Banks at SummerSlam in Brooklyn
The New Day defending the Tag Team Championships against The Vaudevillains… I’m picking the Vaudevillains here because there is more money in a the New Day trying to win the titles back than them keeping them at this point.
Roman Reigns defending the WWE Championship against AJ Styles in an Extreme Rules match… I’m going out on a limb and say AJ Styles will win because he’s moving merchandise and the WWE owes him for making him look like an idiot at the start of RAW tonight.

And in case you missed it, AJ Styles kicked off RAW with a promo saying he’s been called a liar on social media about the involvement of the Club… and the tweets they showed contracted that… that was an example of a the lack of quality control for the sake of the story being told. And of course got  The Usos vs Anderson and Gallows in a tag team match… at least it wasn’t another six-man tag, then again it probably wasn’t because AJ Styles’s body appears to not be able to handle the WWE schedule if reports are to be believed… and we got yet another reason as to why the Styles Clash should not be used, he can barely hold of Roman.

I will give the WWE credit for  going against the norm in putting babyfaces against heels of those involved the fatal four way match for the IC title into a tag team match by mixing things up, with having the Quebeccers team against Cesaro and the Miz, who along with Maryse would make a fine tandem, much like the way Cesaro with Tyson Kidd and Natalya did.

Apparently someone forgot that Primo and Epico have been with the WWE for quite a while now before they were Los Matadores…. Again.. QUALITY CONTROL IS A PROBLEM! Calling them The Shining Stars is a bit silly, but hey at least they have a tag team name, and it was nice to see them face classic style local enhancement talent. Scott Jackson and Brian Kennedy. This show cased what Primo and Epico could do, showing some of their key moves and their tag team finisher, a variation of the Total Elimination.

I like the idea of an ‘Aslyum’ match for Jericho and Ambrose, though it seems like a variation of Raven’s Clockwork Orange House of Fun match with a cage match with weapons… Bob Backlund’s life lessons and just burying Darren Young’s excuses was funny as hell… The New Day segment with the time machine being done in the ring was a mistake, as it seemed like something that would’ve been done better in front of a green screen, the Vaudevillains still could’ve attacked them obviously, tearing apart the ‘backstage’ area… Big Cass being the ‘face of the new Era’ and that being forced into his routine takes a bit away from him, but I did like him comparing D’Von and Bubba Dudley to Steve Urkel and Fred Flintstone respectively…. The hype videos for John Cena’s return were great, his presence will add some much needed star power to RAW… Kalisto and Del Rio had a match while the Bulgarian attacked Sin Cara in the back and dragged him out to ringside which lead to Del Rio getting a win via a distraction, this went on way to long for what was accomplished since Rusev beat down Kalisto after his match… 

RAW Closing out with a contract signing between Natalya and Charlotte for the Women’s Championship with the McMahons overseeing certainly was a different way for the show to go off the air, but it put does show that the WWE realizes that this storyline for a title is the only one that really has steam heading into Extreme Rules. Do like they didn’t bring out a long table for this, as a break from the norm…. With Natalya being a bit of an antagonist was a bit odd… then Charlotte went abit over the top with the ‘Goddess because she’s a Flair’ deal… the contract got signed but somehow this became all about Ric Flair with Stephanie slapping him and then Charlotte going after Stephanie… so… possible foreshadowing with Charlotte wrestling Stephanie at some point.

So with that all said, let’s bring this to a close...


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