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Mega Man Legacy Collection - Review

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Back in the 1980s and early 1990s, Nintendo had a slew of classic games that they were publishing, like the Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda series... however not all of the NES's best games came from in-house, perhaps one the most iconic games came from Capcom.... while in Japan he's Rockman... here in the United States he's MEGA Man!

Debuting at 1987 on the Nintendo Entertainment System, the blue bomber has maintained a decent level of popularity nearly 30 years with well over 25 games (throwing all the series), Mega Man has been staple on video game consoles for an entire generation. In fact there has been a Mega Man related game on just about every system that has been released since the 1980s... and this is thanks to the fact that the franchise is not tied to Nintendo.

However, with the 30th anniversary looming, last year, the Mega Man Legacy Collection was released for PC, X-Box One, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo 3DS, collecting the first six NES games, bringing them not only into the 21st century, but to my knowledge the first time all six games had a release for the PC. (Note: the 1990 Mega Man and 1992 Mega Man III by Hi-Tech Expressions were not ports of the original games (*o*))

With all six games, you get the same control layout, which using a Logitech F310 Gameppad is as folows: You can use the direction buttons or the left stick, the X button to shoot once (and hold to chage the Mega Buster in the later games), Y for a 3 shot burst, and A to jump or hold it and down & forward to slide. The controls are very responsive, and it really comes down to the skill of the player if a jump is mistimed, or if one gets fudged up trying to slide.

Graphically and Musically, the game certainly holds up and everything sounds the way it should. With how many games have been redone in these two areas to make them fit in the current era, Capcom keeping the classic looks and sounds to the game really works on the nostalgia level.

Of course one has to talk about the difficulty... and to be honest I was never any good at the Mega Man games, they are a lot of fun, and with enough play through, one can learn how to get through various levels (or just via dumb luck in my case). If you treat the games like a giant puzzle, you'll find yourself having more fun than just treating it as a side-scrolling shooter.

So yes this get my recommendation

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