Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Local Spotlight: Danny Jennings, Yes They Bleed and Karate Unlimited

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Today, I wanted to put a spotlight on someone local, Mr. Daniel Jennings , who in addition to being a Radio Personality, is also Karate Instructor at Karate Unlimited in Sicklerville, New Jersey. As I said in my blog regarding the 'SJ Comic Con and Toy Bonanza', he has a great idea of putting a martial arts display / exhibition with a comic book convention, because of the close ties between them, plus it ended up inspiring me to think about the why is it that martial arts are so heavily featured in comics... so obviously the big thing I  took away from speaking with him is his enthusiasm in prompting martial arts, with 28 years experience with a black belt in 'Tae Kown Do', plus teaching it for 18 years, the man is as legit as they come. But if you don't believe me check this out.

Yes that's right, he is one of the featured martial artists in the short feature 'Yes They Bleed' directed by Peter Liciaga. It's a short story about three martial artists having to put themselves out there to get a major opportunity but it's something that can be 'won' with their skills, but with who they really are. It's a nice well done feature  You can find out more about the film at www.yestheybleed.com and actually watch part of it at www.yestheybleed.com/ytb-short-film  

Or if you just want to view the trailer...

It really looks awesome.

But in case you can't tell that I think promoting the Martial Arts is a good thing, there are couple of places that were in business, and I know with some folks there is that fear of starting something but not being able to see it through because the studio / dojo (not sure on the right term, goes out of business.... well with Karate Unlimited, you don't have that worry. They've been around since 1996, are opened six days a week and the combine experience of their instructors totals over 50 years while presenting an atmosphere that is about self-improvement and learning. If You're in the South Jersey area check them out 704 Liberty Ave in Sicklerville NJ 08081 (Telephone: 856-262-0007, website www.karateunlimited.com

For links to everything I talked about here... I'm including them below

Daniel Jennigs

Karate Unlimited
704 Liberty Ave S
Sicklerville NJ 08081


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