Saturday, May 14, 2016

Live (Replay) From The Basement: Kokonoe's Abyss Run

Hello and Welcome To The Basement...

So on a whim, mainly because I was doing some laundry and wanted to try something with OBS (Open Broadcasting Software). Since I've been on a BlazBlue kick as of late, particularly with the 'Abyss' mode as Kokonoe... I figure why not stream that!

Now because I can't see the chat, since OBS doesn't have that function, I turned off the chat featured for anyone that was came across the live stream. So my focus was... nearly 100% on the game... except as I let my mind wonder, and made some mistakes.... which lead to me... not totally having a successful run.

And granted I use Stylish Mode, because as a casual player, it's perfect to pick up and play against the computer for a short run of action.

Which leads to me explaining... why Kokonoe... well for one, as a character she has no frogs... and clearly doesn't give a frog when she wins. That said, using Stylish Mode, I do have playing as Kokonoe down to a science, and can actually hold my own pretty well using her against other players on those rare times I choose to play head to head online with folks.

So all that said... the game play video is below, to see how close I came to having perfect run.

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