Saturday, May 7, 2016

Free Comic Book Day, Fernando Jimenez & Stormwatch Comics

Hello and welcome to the basement...

Today of course was the first Saturday in May, which means at nearly every comic book shop known, it's FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! WHOO-HOO!

Unfortunately, with my luck, again on a day I'm out and about was raining, which made my choice of heading to Stormwatch Comics (located at 449 N Route 73 in West Berlin, New Jersey) very easy to select as my destination for my excursion this week.

For future reference...
So let me talk about my first little misstep that worked out rather fortunate for me: because so many FCBD events in the area were starting at 10 AM in the morning, I left thinking that, cause it takes an hour to get to West Berlin, so I ended up arriving an hour early, and was the first customer to arrive.

Mr. Jimenez's sketching Spidey for me!

I say customer, because when I got there the extremely talented Fernando Jimenez (Facebook: was there waiting so that he could set up his table. I met him briefly last month at Camden Comic Con, and while I wasn't able to get anything from his table then, I made sure to get some items this time around, picking up one of his sketchbooks, a limited print he did of Deadpool, and since he was doing free sketches for those who purchased his items, he did a nice head-shot of Spider-Man for me.

You know they had Star Trek The Mirror Universe Saga...
 Now onto Stormwatch Comics itself, located right on RT 73 in West Berlin, it's nice little comics shop, perfect to visit on days with not large crowds cause it made some maneuvering a bit tight (I'm short and wide) with everyone hovering around going through the free comic book table and long boxes, as well as discounted toys, statues, trade collections and discounted comics. The staff was really friendly (based on my limited interaction with them) and everything ran smoothly. Prices are pretty fair for a lot of stuff they have out. though I couldn't tell if certain things (in particular trades) were still being sold for their original retail sticker value or marked down.

Nice selection for FCBD comics!
Now I got 10 Free Comics (5 from the Table, 5 from the Free Longboxes).... but the real haul came from the stuff that was discounted, as Stormwatch had 25% off for Toys, Gavems, Trade Paperbacks & Hardcovers... and 50% off of priced comics! Believe me I could've spent all day (spent two hours) going through the long boxes, but managed to find just on casual browsing some pre-Crisis era Action Comics, Howard the Duck #19, a few Wonder Women comics and more.

That Deadpool print I ended up getting as well... :D

Oh and there were door prizes, done with a 'first correct answer style', of obvious but tricky Comic Book Trivia... I actually managed to answer the first question right (What was Felicia Hardy's superhero alter-ego... it's of course the Black Cat) and got a 'mystery box' for a Disney Zootopia figure.
Folks going through the long box bins to find their 5 free comics
 So all in all, I was very impressed with how things are done at Stormwatch and I look forward to swinging by there again down the road.

A successful day at Stormwatch Comics!
 For More on Stormwatch Comics visit:

For More On Fernando Jimenez visit:

Oh... I bet you're wondering exactly what I picked up?

Fernando Jimenez Sketchbook #2
Howard The Duck #19
Wonder Woman #251
Wonder Woman #258
The New Teen Titans #39
What If... #22
Superman / The TRS-80 Computer Whiz Kids: 'Victory By Computer'
The Teen Titans: #48
Action Comics #438
Action Comics #446
World Without A Superman (Trade Collection) - First printing

From The  Free Long Box Table
True Believers: Age of Apocalypse #1
Marvel Age Spider-Man # 20
Sergio Aragones Groo vs Conan #1
Superman Wonder Woman #13
Supergirl (New 52) #36

Free Comic Book Day Special Issues
Suicide Squad #1
Bongo Comics: Free For All 2016
Street Fighter V #1
Marvel: Free Comic Book Day 2016 - Steve Rogers Captain America
Doctor Who: Free Comic Book Day 2016

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