Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Let's Play Star Trek Online - House Pegh

 Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement… 

It’s Tuesday… so Let’s Play Star Trek Online!

The Iconian War continues this week with House Pegh… The Klingon Empire requires the player’s assistance with a covert mission deep within Iconian held space. It’s very dangerous mission that could turn the tide of the war, which isn’t going well, the Iconian Forces are overwhelming, they can appear anywhere at anytime, and the combined forces of The Federation, Romulan Republican and the Klingon Empire need something… ANYTHING to rally hope…

And thus we have our mission, to sneak into an Iconian Base and disrupt their production of Omega Particles, which are used to power there Dyson Spheres. Things go rather smoothly, resistance from the Heralds are easily dealt with… but there is another factor...Kahless the Unforgettable is coming along on this mission as well!

For those who don’t know, this Kahless is a clone of the legendary Klingon Emperor who was discover in the Next Generation episode Rightful Heir, and serves as a figure head, an inspirational leader for the warrior race. He’s along for the ride to make sure one way or another becomes legendary, where songs would be sung as the blood wine flows. And he gets his wish, as one of the Iconians, T’Ket, is also at the base…. And guess who wants to go one on one with her?

That’s right Kahless sees an opportunity, and thanks to a little help from the team, me manages to disarm T’Ket… but chopping her arm off! But alas… Kahless does not get to strike the killing blow and is lost… but he proves that the Iconians can be injured. So while things didn’t go down as intended… the Alliance now know they have a chance… as slim as it is.

This mission is pretty fun, and there is an actual jump scare, thanks to how the Heralds can appear out of nowhere. They can be a bit overwhelming, but in addition to the player’s away team, there is a group of Klingons serving as support, making the battles even more wild. The concluding space battle is also a bit of fun, though the solar portals are still a pain in the backside.

On a side note, I had issues with my lights, so my picture in picture box is darker than usual… hopefully I’ll have it back to normal by tomorrow night for Yay or Nay for the Hall of Fame

The RAW View - John Cena, The Club Returns / No Progress In Roman vs Seth

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The RAW View From The Basement...

I thought about totally getting rid of the 'RAW View', but figured why not just keep it as a mini-blog about what went down on RAW without the video log, since 'Ring The Bell' will focus on wrestling topics that caught my interest? So lets get to it...

Obviously the biggest news out of last night is the re-cementing of AJ Styles as a heel by realigning him with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson as they attacked John Cena, who was making his return to WWE television last night... and despite the smarky nature of Green Bay fans, the ambush on Cena was actually booed out of the building.

Personally, I thought the angle was  solid, if a bit out of left field and screamed of 'last minute' booking decisions change and with the reliance of the 'Cena is going up against a message board hero trope' that has been going on since 2011, and heaven knows, the second Cena gets a win in a match over Styles, Anderson or Gallows, there is going to be the usual whining of 'Cena is burying them' yada yada yada... lets all remember that this is a feud where Cena is going to be carrying it on the mic because no member of The Club can actually cut a promo without sounding like I do in my videos. Considering events earlier in the night saw Anderson and Gallows attack The New Day and the pending the return of Randy Orton, this has some extended potential.

Speaking of things with potential... or lack there of... Roman Reigns comes out talks about how Seth Rollins is always running away... Seth comes out and teases running into the ring about a half dozen times, which was just... awful. People want to see these two fight, and Seth just came across badly here while Roman looked like a total idiot just standing in the ring. One would've thought that after the first couple of times Seth got near the ring and backed off, we'd see Roman exit it to attack him... but nope... nothing happened. I get what they are trying to do with this... to build up the excitement of them brawling before Money in the Bank, but this lead to no progress being made at all towards that goal.

There was an in-ring segment with The New Day probing Shane & Stephanie McMahon about the
brand extension in July, which asked the prominent questions of is certain teams going to be broken up, whose going to run SmackDown... but the one thing we got from it is that unlike the initial 2002 brand split which really was a last minute decision, the theme of Shane & Steph's responses was things were going to be thought out to see what's best. Hell the WWE does half a month to try and get this right. A couple of big problem with the original brand split was the handling of the Women's, WWE and Tag Team titles and guys going back and forth between the two shows as if it was nothing special.

Speaking of Stephanie, there was an 'earlier in the day' promo of her shooting down Charlotte for all the wonderful things she said to Ric Flair last week... which is ironic considering all the things Stephanie said to Vince McMahon in certain storylines being quite similar. Unless they are going to develop Stephanie vs Charlotte as an in-ring feud, I'm not really seeing what the end game is. Staying with this, Becky Lynch's feud that was supposed to be with Dana Brooke and Emma is being combined with Natayla's program with Charlotte, so I'm sensing a fatal four-way at Money in the Bank.

The stupidity of the night goes to the handling of the Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin story, with what was supposed to be a 'technical' wrestling match between the two taking place only to be a ruse for Dolph Ziggler to kick Corbin in the groin. Get it? Cause Corbin used a 'low blow' to beat him at Extreme Rules in a match that was 'No Holds Barred'.

As far as Goldberg being revealed as this years big 'DLC' pre-order guy for WWE 2K17... I just went 'meh'... they do this every year, a tease of someone new debuting on the main roster instead it's a commercial for the latest video game. Though I have to ask... who was asking for Goldberg?

The Six Man Tag between the Money in the Bank match participants was okay, but wasn't really something that felt like could close a show, Ryder vs Rusev put over just how dominant Rusev is, Enzo & Big Cass getting a clear win over the Dudleys furthered showed that the Dudleys can't keep up with the newer teams, Big Show giving a pep talk to Apollo Crews about standing up to Sheamus was awkward as hell,

Monday, May 30, 2016

Ring The Bell: Vader's Right, McMahon Losing Faith In Reigns, & More

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to The Basement... and what was the RAW View, but what I’m now calling Ring The Bell… where I cover a number of pro wrestling topics from my point a view as a fan. The reason for the change after a few weeks is that I got more of a positive response talking about various pro-wrestling topics instead of the longest running prime time pro-wrestling program in the modern era.

Let’s start off with a rumor that well I’m getting a little chuckle, that Vince McMahon is losing faith in the Roman Reign’s experiment. I’ve only seen this on two sites, one as a bit of added on gossip to fuel anti-WWE Creative sentiment because Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were booked to lose and exposed as rather mediocre talents (in Gallows case, reminding the world of that fact)… and on another as a column that appears to add in details with no reference other than to the original piece where the rumor appeared. But as wrestling fans, one knows certain details are true, one Vince McMahon is a stubborn micro-manager who has been the behind the push of Roman Reigns, two Triple H is pushing for the message board heroes that he’s been signing to be the stop guys because of his over reliance of them to hide the fact that NXT has not produced a male superstar with main event qualities since the ‘lucky’ call up of SHIELD.

But the real way to judge this to be true or not is with tonight’s episode of RAW and the coming weeks and how the match with Seth Rollins goes down at Money in the Bank.

There was an odd bit of weirdness with the Pabst Blue Ribbon styled ring gear… and the third-tier beer sending a ‘cease and desist’ to the WWE for it… The WWE complied, pulling the merchandise, but what I find funny, is that Pabst Blue Ribbon would rather being associated with the line ‘I’m White Trash and I’m In Trouble’ from an episode of South Park, than pro-wrestling… but that’s why PBR is consider a joke.

Anyway, on a side note,  Cena does return to WWE Programming on tonight’s RAW… and for the record, I do enjoy his work on American Grit, unlike Steve Austin who is nearly always the center of attention on his CMT reality TV series, Cena doesn’t have to do everything beyond hosting and narration

Hideo Itami is expected to return to the ring after being out of action since May of last year with a shoulder injury… while I have no doubt he’ll be solid in the ring, let’s be honest, he pretty much lost his spot as the International Sensation from the Far East with the signing of Shinsuke Nakamura. I really only see one of them being associated with the WWE by the end of the year, and the one going will be Itami unless he’s managed to become very fluent in English during his year off.

There is already speculation that Cody Rhodes is going to sign with Ring of Honor, but how soon will this happen will depend on details of his release from the WWE, who normally have a 90-Day non-compete clause associated. There is something else that I’m wondering, is the name ‘Cody Rhodes’ owned by the WWE… cause his real last name is Runnels, and if memory serves me right, his brother used the named ‘Dustin Runnels’ back in 98 when he dropped the Goldust character for a time, and it’s easier to use your real name on the indies unless you’re wanting to go through the effort of creating a whole new persona.

The WWE of course is doing a ‘brand split’ with the move of SmackDown to Tuesday nights where it will be live and giving the show it’s own roster once again, with separate story lines and creative. While all this sounds good… there are some real concerns, the biggest one being that with the original brand split, there was a ‘goal’ to keep RAW superior to SmackDown instead of the two separate divisions of the WWE competing to being a preference for fans. Will history repeat itself? More than likely with Vince McMahon loves to micromanage everything right down to things coming out of the mouths of the commentators. Really wish I was kidding on that… but the real question is how am I going to watch back to back live wrestling shows on consecutive nights… in the summer it’ll be fine cause all the normal shows I watch are on the summer hiatus, but in the fall… talk about over kill.

The voice of WCW Tony Schiavone is now a Barista at a Starbucks in addition to g broadcasting for the Gwinnett Braves minor-league baseball team as well as the Georgia Bulldogs basketball and baseball programs. You know what they say, if you find something you like doing for whatever reason (and if it’s legal) go for it.

Shane Douglas’s new promotion ‘Revolution Sports’ is looking for investors… and though it’s current backer Bill Townsend says they want to be the ‘ESPN of Combat Sports’, there is still that stench of wanting to cater to people who loved the ‘Attitude Era’ when it comes to wrestling… so Yeah, probably not a wise investment, not to mention the fairly recent history of Douglas’s Extreme Rising promotion from a couple of years ago, where he basically walked out on it due to disagreements with a partner.

On the plus side the promotion is supposed to be with partnered with a Las Vegas casino… so it’ll have blackjack and hookers… so you know it'll have Bender's seal of approval.

In case you think I’m being dirty, a hooker is alternate wrestling term for shooter.

And lastly to close this out… The legendary Big Van Vader had some great insight regarding the car crash of a match between Ospreay & Ricochet  at the New Japan Pro Wrestling ‘Best of the Super Juniors’ rightfully calling it ‘Blantant Acrobatics (with) no story’ and asking ‘Is there anything done in the video (match) that relates to winning?’ ‘You could get two high school gymnasts and put on a show’. When criticized by smarks who probably think Kevin Owens and Sami Zayne should headline every WWE event about being ‘closed minded’ and not understanding how wrestling evolves’, Vader had the great comback, pointing out that he’s been in the business for forty years, having been all over the world while stating that wrestling needs to stay consistent with someone winning and someone losing with a story that demonstrates that’.

Ricochet  responded with a long whiny tweet saying ‘wrestling is art’ and that they are ‘expressing themselves’,  stating how now wrestlers can go out there and chop each for 5 minutes straight or use lighttubes in matches, because it’s how they are ‘expressing themselves’… which is stupid garbage that helps keep wrestling in the dark age b.s. because it looks phoney and stupid. Ricochet’s argument is even hurt with who he tagged with his long winded rebuttal to Vader, which includes The Young Bucks, two guys who probably deserve a Jim Cornette approved APA on Public Enemy style beat down for half the stuff they do in a match that makes no sense, Joey Ryan a guy who does a spot with his crotch, and Matt Sydal, a guy who had major opportunities and squandered theme… not exactly the best group to make that point with.

Now I watched the match between Ricochet & Ospreay, are they athletic, yes, are they talented, yes… is the match ‘good’… in my opinion as a fan… no. It is actually further proof that the last true wrestling match seen was between John Cena and Shawn Michaels in April of 2007 which went nearly an hour and showed why Shawn Michaels is considered great while also showing that Cena (despite the smark reaction to him at the time) was the guy who would be carrying the company (if not the industry) for the next decade, noting was done to ‘express themselves’ it was to have an athletic contest with both guys wanting to win and neither wanting to lose with none of the false drama that would come in years since then.  Wrestling is and always will be at its best when presented as a simulated athletic contest, the more real in tone and style you make the matches, the more money it will draw… and history agrees with that.

Anyway that will do it for this week, tomorrow is of course Tuesday, which means ‘Lets Play Star Trek Online’ and on Wednesday I’ll be looking at the case for or against the Brooklyn Brawler for the Hall of Fame.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Star Trek The Next Generation #36 - Comics From The Basement

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To Comics From The Basement…

Comic Books that act as an expanded universe for a franchise seen only on TV, Video Games or Movies are pretty cool in my book.

They get to either bring back characters and concepts that were one and done, which provides familiarity and acts like a gateway to get non-comic readers a reason to pick up a comic. Which is the case of this weeks comic: Star Trek The Next Generation #36…

And yeah, I’ve had this copy for years since I don’t have the back cover any more and am Iucky to still have the front cover.

But as you can tell from the cover, it features the return of Ardra.

For those of you who may not know: Ardra was the antagonist in the season four episode, ‘Devil’s Due’, where the Enterprise-D responds to a distress call from a planet that was being tormented by a person claiming to be their Devil. Ardra in actuality is a con-woman who uses her knowledge of the planet’s culture along with devices like transporters, holograms and tractor beams to appear and disappear, transform and cause earthquakes. The episode ends with Picard exposing her fraud, and ending with her proclaiming, that Picard would have had a lot more fun if he’d lost and ‘until we meet again’… leaving the possibility of a sequel… which we never got on the show.

Still the episode itself was pretty decent and certainly put a spin on the ‘Enterprise faces a god-like creature’ trope, and since DC comics had the rights to the comics, they took advantage, publishing Ardra’s return just over a year and a half after ‘Devil’s Due’ first aired.

Which brings us full circle back to this comic, The Enterprise has arrived the planet Shanzibar against Picard’s better judgment… because he’s going on Shore Leave… and our dear Captain hates going on vacation. I guess even in the 24th Century luggage can still get lost. Actually it’s because the planet’s main city (named Sahnzibar City… great imagination there), has a great reputation for being a vacation spot, but is also know as being extremely dangerous.

To add to Picard’s dismay, Ardra’s ship is in orbit. Concluding that she escaped from the planet she was tormenting, Picard leads a team down to the planet, consisting of Deanna Troi, Geordi La Forge and Ro Laren, who has been to the planet before. Taking a break to also relax, they stop inside a theater where   a bar brawl breaks out because one of the locals doesn’t take to kindly to comments made by Ro, which sees the team being arrested and put in a jail cell where Ardra is also residing.

This comic is a nice bit of fun,  since this is well into DC’s run with the Star Trek license the art work is faithful, so everyone mostly looks like how they should, there are a few hiccups. The story itself is actually part 1 of 3, and it does everything right, it gives the reason for the characters to be where they are, reminding the reader of Ardra by explaining her history, and also ending on a cliff-hanger that sees her in the same situation as our heroes. Also because it is part of a then monthly-series, it references recent events where Q turned everyone on the ship into Klingons, making you want to find out what happened there

A big thing to note is that while the cover has Picard in his uniform and Ardra wearing an outfit similar to what she wore in Devil’s Due, in the story it self, they are dressed in local attire, looking something like out of Arabian Knights.

So what is the verdict here?

Well considering it serves as a follow up to an actual episode, it sets up everything nicely so that when you get to the meat of the story in the second chapter, everything makes sense. It hits the notes it needs to and hits them well.

So I saw this, if you’re a Star Trek fan and don’t have it, track it down. And there are a number of different ways to do so. One, is to track down the Star Trek: The Complete Comic Book Collection DVD-ROM, and the other is check sites like MyComicShop.com

Next week, we won’t be going over part two of this story, we’ll save that for down the road (Give you some time to track down this week’s comic!) instead… I think perhaps something involving a Hedgehog in red sneakers…

Till then!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sentence To Death - Tales From The TARDIS

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement… This is Tales From The TARDIS!

We’re up to part five of the Keys of Marinus, titled Sentence To Death…

Following escaping the Ice Soldiers and Vasor, Ian finds himself accused of the murder of Eprin, who just so happens to be a friend of Altos, who discovered the last key before his death… the key is missing, and on top of being accused of murder, Ian is accused of theft… because if you’re knocked out and something is missing, you’re instantly the criminal.

To really put a cherry on the cake, the legal system of the city is that of the ‘guilty until proven innocent’ variety… so basically Ian is already guilty of the crimes, and is sentence to death unless he can be proven innocent. I’m willing to bet this legal system was put in place for population control purposes. But don’t worry has the best defense counsel around… The Doctor!

Okay… he’s boned…

The case is postponed for two days to allow a fathering of evidence and to find out what really happened to Eprin. A guard named Aydan is implicated in the murder, and Barbara and Susan go to investigate, talking to his wife Kala. Kala is about as helpful as a fish out of water, and when Aydan find out, he orders Barbara and Susan out of his home… and in a bit of uncomfortableness… a slap and a scream from Kala is heard…

Domestic Violence… for when you need to get across that someone is obviously a bad guy!

During the trial, The Doctor uses Sabetha as a witness and tricks Aydan into confessing by claiming that one of the keys they found came from Aydan’s hiding place… and Aydan is promptly killed before he can implicate anyone else. It’s actually a well done scene, cause obviously The Doctor and Sabetha are setting Aydan up, you can see it from a mile away.

But… Ian is still accused of the crimes… and to top it off… Barbara Sabetha and Altos are called out of the trial area, where they get a call from Susan who has been kidnapped, saying that the people who took her will kill her if they don’t stop investigating!

This is the first episode of this story that is seeing an obvious carry over to the next installment, since our heroes are not traveling to a new destination, and so everything is being stretched out a bit… giving me the feeling that while the first four parts were written to contain everything needed for them within their individual stories to make up the hole, either the mystery here was too long or the ending of the story is too short to keep with the theme of one location for each chapter. Or they really liked the court room set.

Anyway, that’s all for this week, next week we’ll wrap up the Keys of Marinus with part 6.

Till next time!

Friday, May 27, 2016

X-Men Apocalypse - Basement Matinee - SPOILER WARNING!

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To Basement Matinee...

If you follow me on Twitter @FredCasden or are a friend of mine on Facebook… I lived up to my promise, and saw X-Men Apocalypse today…. I’d say the attendance of the crowd in the theater I was in was about 50% full, and according to the ushers, greeters and guest services that I spoke too, they were expecting fuller crowds for the later showings, but it was quite clear that there were fewer people to catch the afternoon showings as compared to Captain America Civil War and Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice.

And there are spoilers here,


You have been warned but I tend to jump around so you still have to see it… but even if you haven’t, you know that a lot of websites were spoiling the movie for WEEKS before it hit theaters, which is a huge gripe I have.

So right off the back lets talk continuity, it will help if you saw X-Men First Class for some of the character interaction with Mystique, Beast, Xavier and Magneto, but X-Men Apocalypse does a good job of explaining everything without dragging down the story to much. This is basically an ‘origin’ story for Cyclops, Nightcrawler, & Storm, hell even, Wolverine… who has basically ups the body count on his own…. And while there is some connection to the first three X-Men movies, you can tell the time line is certainly different.

The plot is that Apocalypse has been awoken in 1983 and is pissed that the ‘meak have inherited the earth’ , and he sets out of to find his horsemen, selecting Storm, Psylock, and Angel… along with Magneto… which seemed like an odd choice, but they tied it in with how he’s always losing his family and is full of rage. I think most of us who grew up watching the 90s X-Men cartoon obviously assumed Angel would be member of the Four Horsemen… Storm fits, and instead of her origin being tied to the Shadow King, it’s now Apocalypse which makes a lot more sense… the only I really have a hard time seeing is Psylock, who even with her powers enhanced, didn’t seem like a heavy hitter among the other three. Through coincidence of Xavier looking for Magneto, Apocalypse becomes aware of him, and things get rolling from there until the day is saved.

As you can probably tell, they get a lot done in this movie… that’s because it’s 2 and a Half Hours Long… and it didn’t feel like it, because they kept things moving at a fairly nice pace, but there is a lot to take in. In fact, I told to some other movie goers after the movie, the ones who are comic book fans thought everything represented the source material as well as possible, while those who aren’t comic book fans, enjoyed it but got lost among all the jumping around that was going on.

Special Effects wise, well I did not see the 3D version, but they look very impressive, he sequences with Quicksilver, where we see things from his perspective of moving faster than the eye can see, looked awesome…. Also Pizza Dog, ‘nuff said. All the projectile powers looked crisp and blended in well, which is an advantage of not seeing things in 3D, things maybe flat, but it all looks to be apart of the image on display, while with 3D you’re obviously getting that lifted and coming at you feel.

So onto things that I loved about this movie… well for one Mystique as a reluctant hero and role model works perfectly and is a great contrast to how one normally views her character, the fight sequences between Nightcrawler and Angel are really well done, despite the heavy tone there is a lot of fun in the film, I like that Jubilee was in it and was a bit annoyed that she wasn’t apart of things beyond just being a student at the school… The death of Havok and being the catalyst for Cyclops to go all out, and the obvious indication of Jean Grey’s Phoenix Force abilities in the climax was awesome… the effects for Quicksilver were awesome, the sequence of him getting everyone out of the Xavier Mansion room by room in slow motion was awesome while ‘Sweet Dreams Are Made of These’ is playing… and against… Pizza Dog… Cyclops, Jean and Nightcrawler going around a base to free Beast, Mystique, Quicksilber & Moira was a great bit, particularly with the freeing of Weapon X… and boy does Wolvie go wild,,, really pushing the PG-13 boundaries…

What I didn’t care for was… well… for as powerful and bombastic as Apocalypse is in the comics, video games and cartoons… he came across too… subtle for my taste… and clearly, some things were by pure happenstance, he comes across Storm who takes him to Caliban which leads to the recruitment of Psylock who takes them to Angel… and Magneto… it was like ‘Hey I know a guy! You’d like ‘em’ sorta deal. And while Angel had to be there, Psylock, as I said earlier just didn’t seem like the best fit, and seemed like she was used because she was an ‘X-Men’ character and nothing else.

Still… on a score of 5… I’d give it a four… while I enjoyed it a lot, it could have been cut down with some drawn out sequences shorten early on… I’d have to imagine the first cut of the movie must have been about 4 hours long, so who knows what was left on the cutting room floor.

Oh almost forgot, the post credit stuff with the Essex Corp and it being Mr. Sinister playing the long game is really cool, and I can it see the next X-Men movie being focused on the Phoenix Saga. Since it’s said they are going into Space next time and of course what happened with Jean in this movie.

So that will wrap it up, if you saw the movie, tell me what you thought!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

This Week... Captain America's Rough Week, Arrow, Gotham, The Flash & More!

Hello and Welcome To The Basement… 
Its time for THIS WEEK with the Superheroes...

Yes, doing a day early because depending on how things go tomorrow, I’ll be checking out X-Men Apocalypse… or I’ll check it out over the weekend, but we’ll see how things roll, but one way or another I am seeing it, I guarantee it!

So lets hit the news… and

There is a video going as a teaser for Doctor Who’s Christmas Special implying Jack Harkness will be apart of it… and I can confirm to you that is not the case, said video is a fake.

Mel Gibson was originally offered the role of Odin in the Thor movies… I can’t imagine what happened to cause him not to get the part.

Lionsgate wants to make 7 Power Rangers movies… to which I say, hold on Skippy, get the first one made and be a box office success before planning any sequels, cause you could be killing the golden goose the way Paul Feig is doing with Ghostbusters…

Amazon has launched Comixology Unlimited… and it’s alright, works well on the computer, but the Comixology app has yet to incorporate it… it has potential, but one of Comixology’s biggest failings is trying to find something with its search engine. But since it's new I'll continue to test it out for the next month

And Netflix’s big deal with Marvel begins in September, with the movies being added as soon as they hit would hit HBO, Starz and other premium movie channels. This is great news for TV viewing.

Lastly, I want to top on the weird week Captain America… from the revelation that he’s ‘always been a member of Hyrda’ to people wanting to give him a boyfriend. Yeah… of these two things, Cap being a member of Hyrda is without question the one that involved the most creativity, cause Marvel is really going out on a limb with this decision. It gets people talking about the comic, and makes people want to read it to see what the hell is going on to try and predict where things are going. There is actual money to be made with this creative choice.

As far as the OTHER thing goes… let me say this, I agree the LGBTQ community needs more representation… however… doing a force change in characters based on some subtext that is clearly not in the subject matter only belongs in fan fiction and fan art. Trust me, that’s something I know a lot  about… (What’s up D&K Universe!)

Now If people actually WANT LGBTQ characters, then they should do the smart thing and demand more of those characters that were created to fit that roles, such as Northstar, Hulking, Wiccan, Moondragon, Mystique, Destiny, Karma… and to make the Ultimate versions of Colossus, Ice-Man and Spider-Woman be made official  the Main Marvel Universe and brought to the films as well. But of course the posers on Twitter who hide behind celebrity pictures and change names like Scarlet Witch to something that rhymes with it are too lazy to even consider it.

Hell if you want to incorporated a LGBTQ character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe right now, the right way to do it is not forcing Cap and Bucky, no it’s to do what DC has down on Arrow with Curtis aka Mr. Terrific, treat it as nothing special and apart of every day life, so Marvel simply has to pick a character or two not in already in the MCU to debute in one of its upcoming films and have them be the first token LGBTQ characters. I nominate Hulking & Wiccan, who were apart of the Avengers in the comics. Problem solved, everyone wins.

And with that said, let’s get to this weeks shows… which are a trio of season finales

Gotham: Wrath of the Villains: Transference
Plot: While Gordon, Bruce and Lucius are at Indian Hill, Hugo Strange's inmates plan to escape and start new lives, which poses a new threat to the city of Gotham.
Rating: 3 out of 5 – It’s a finale where nothing happened other than Hugo’s pets are now free in Gotham… Bullock was made to look like an idiot and not seeing that someone was wrong with Gordan… and there really is no drama when Bruce, Selina, and other Batman main characters are in danger, cause you can’t really kill them off unless you’re really going off the rails… and we got a ‘parting of the ways’ finish with Gordon going off on his own, leaving Bullock, Bruce and the others

The Flash: The Race of His Life
Plot: When Zoom finally reveals his true plan, Barry is more determined than ever to stop him.
Rating: 3 out of 5 – This was… okay, nothing special, it wrapped up the story with Zoom, saw Harry and Jesse head home to Earth-2 and we got to see the ‘Real’ Jay Garrick, thus being Henry Allan’s dopelganger from Earth-3 (who looked really good in the full costume). The ending of Barry time-running to save his mom when he knows the consequences means that next season we’ll see him going down Zoom’s path before ‘doing the right thing’. This episode did feel like something actually happened

Arrow: Schism
Plot: Oliver unites with a surprising force in the race to stop Damien Darhk and his magic once and for all
Rating: 3 out of 5 – Yeah nothing spectacular here, in fact, much like Gotham, it felt like nothing happened, Darhk was killed by Oliver and there was a parting of the ways of the main characters… but this episode felt like the Power Rangers in Space episode ‘Countdown to Destruction  with the city if Star City fighting with The Green Arrow against Damien and the ‘Ghosts’ of Hive.

Now that I think about it… outside of Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow… every show that I’ve been watching week to week had rather lackluster season finales that just ‘finish the story’ but doesn’t give you a reason to be excited for the next season.

So with all the shows I’ve been watching on a weekly basis done, what will I be doing with the TV section of this little show section until the fall… well… I’ll go through various shows I come across on Netflix and Hulu that are Superhero related for a list of weekly recommendations

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Spotlight: The Wrestling Kennection

Hello and Welcome to the Basement…
Not to long ago I put the spotlight on some local items down here in South Jersey… well this time I’m shining the spotlight of this pokey little blog up towards Bedford, Massachusetts with the Wrestling Kennection.

For those of you who may not know, The Wrestling Kennection is hosted by Ken Hill, Fridays at 4PM up in the greater Massachusetts area, where he and his panel of fans give their views and opinions on the world of pro wrestling. For those of us outside of Massachusetts, episodes are uploaded to their Youtube channel (located here) allowing wrestling fans from all over the world to see.

And with 115 episodes under their belt, it’s safe to say that Ken and his crew know what they are doing, the discussions are insightful when they are together. Of course there are times it’s just Ken by himself due to scheduling and travel issues, but even flying solo, he puts on a solid show. The production values (audio, video) are decent, and it’s clear its a labor of love, cause the passion for they work on shows, even with a limited budget, they make the most out of what they have, and I can appreciate that.

Now their website is pretty cool, located at www.thewrestlingkennection.com You get bios on Ken and his crew, videos, pictures, a Q&A section of certain aspects of the show and of course Live PPV coverage and blogs. It really is a well rounded site that represents the The Wrestling Kennection, it’s easy to navigate which is more than I can say for sites for like ESPN and TNA Wrestling and I’m encouraging you all to check it out as well as the show itself!

So if you’re a wrestling fan looking for site to check out, swing on over to www.thewrestlingkennection.com to watch the show and "get kennected".

Cyndi Lauper - Yay Or Nay For The Hall of Fame

(Note: I went stream of conscience quite a bit in the video version, so there are a number of things I say in it that are not in the text version and vice versa!)

Hello and Welcome to the Basement and this week’s installment of Yay Or Nay For The Hall of Fame!

Let me first say this, I have no issue with the WWE inducting celebrities into the Hall of Fame, because celebrities have played a huge part of their history, granted some more prominent than others.

Which is of course the case as it relates to Cyndi Lauper

Yes, as in Time After Time, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and She Bop… That Cyndi Lauper

With the success of her first solo album in 1983, titled She’s So Unusual, Cyndi was the hottest female act in the world of and thanks to her manager at the time, Dave Wolff, Cyndi ended up in the world of pro wrestling in early 1984 as the spark the ignited  the Rock N Wrestling connection, a period of time that saw the WWF and MTV explode on the map. The concept came about as part when Cyndi asked Captain Lou Albano to be apart of the of the music video for Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

She would then appear on the legendary Piper’s Pit, where she hit Albano with her purse which lead to a special challenge match where they would each select a lady wrestler to represent them in a match, this being Wendi Richter representing Cyndi and The Fabulous Moolah representing Albano. The match was broad casted LIVE on July 23, 1984, in a special called The BRAWL TO END IT ALL. Despite being aired from Madison Square Garden and featuring the likes of Sgt. Slaughter, Hulk Hogan and Greg Valentine, the match centered around the feud with Cyndi and Albano was the only one that aired, drawing a 9.0 Nielsen Rating, making it one of the most-watched programs in the history of MTV.

But that was not the end of Cyndi’s time in the WWF, she would continue to appear all the way up through the first WrestleMania. Her presence was actually a reason as to why the Freebirds were brought to the WWF, to be the wrestling embodiment of Rock & Wrestling (granted that didn’t last long).  An in ring segment where that saw Roddy Piper ‘kick her’ helped further the heat the Rowdy One in his war with Hulk Hogan and crusade against Rock N Roll. Hell in many ways, while also making Wendi Richter arguably the most over babyface in the WWF had behind the Hulkster… actually looking back, I think Wendi was more over than Hogan.

 Cyndi also helped cement the crossover appeal that we continue to see with celebrities being apart of the WWE from time to time. Hell It can be argued that Cyndi was the reason why WrestleMania was a success more so than Mr. T, because Cyndi was a proven draw in the world of pro wrestling

While it may have been over 25 years for the next time she would appear on WWE programming (in 2012 to help promote 1000th episode of RAW), it was a memorable segment that reunited her with Wendi Richter and burred the storyline hatchet with Roddy Piper while remembering the late Captain Lou.

So it goes without saying that Cyndi Lauper deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame over the likes of Drew Carey, Snoop Dogg and even Arnold Schwarzenegger. So without question she SHOULD ALREADY BE IN THE WWE HALL OF FAME…

But… there is another Hall of Fame…

The Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame… Cyndi is one of the few to win an Emmy, A Tony and Grammy, she was a huge reason for the success of MTV, she had FOUR Top 5 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 all within the same album, had a #1 album as recently as 2010 (something that can’t be said for any of the acts that went in last year) and continues to record and release quality music. The fact that she’s not already in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame is a total crock.

And in that case, it’s not opinion, it’s fact.

Alright that, said, next week it’s back to wrestlers…  and since the question was asked on this week’s episode of the WWE, does the Brooklyn Brawler belong in the Hall of Fame?

Till then have a good one!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Lets Play Star Trek Online - Delta Flight

Hello and Welcome To The Basement…

It’s Tuesday… Let’s Play Star Trek ONLINE!

This Week we’re playing Delta Flight…

Captain Paris has requested the player’s ship for a joint mission with his task force… but things are bleak… the Alliance isn’t making much headway against the Iconians… and the player and their crew have proven to be the only ones capable for fighting against them. I’m not kidding, the mission contact, Captain Kagran actually says that.

So we’re off to the Calbriden System to meet up with Captain Paris and his team, which consists of his daughter Miral Paris, her ex-boyfriend and Academy dropout Andrew Westin, a Talaxian named Ferix, a klingon named Guroth who can make weapons stronger. Do you know what happens if you shove FIVE Quantum Torpedos into one casing? I don’t either, but I want to find out! Also along for the ride is Kana Jinnis, the latest trouble maker turn good because of Starfleet, and Hadaen D’Mora who according to Captain Paris, is two weeks away from retirement… and Hadaen doesn’t quite get the joke…

Anyway, the mission itself is basically fly from point a to point b undetected to blow up something huge, and depending on a decision, is either easy or difficult, but the highlight is the number of ‘400-year old’ references Paris makes through it, such as strapping on your Proton Packs. The thing about this mission is that, with a big Scimitar, making tight turns is a bit tough, so I advise using a smaller escort, science vessel or cruiser that doesn’t have weak brakes (seriously, the Scimitar is one of those ships you can do power slides with, as if you’re a Outta-Space version of Jeremy Clarkson!)

There is a fun ground portion in the middle, where Miral’s ship is boarded and you get to have a little shoot out in a corridor and on the bridge of the USS Bern. This is more of a break of being stuck on the ship for the entire mission (which easily could have been the case)

Then there is the final battle, fighting a huge Heardal Dreadnaught while working on taking down a space station the Iconians have been setting up in the system. The Dreadnaught itself is pretty damn tough, but thank goodness you don’t face it alone, having the Delta Flight squad with you helps bring it down it a decent amount of time. Also of note that Westin is killed off, but Miral knows enough to be able to download information to locate another sphere… which will of course be featured in next week’s mission!

Till then have a good one everybody!

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