Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thoughts on Prince

In Memory Of Prince Rogers Nelson 1958-2016
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A bit of a somber day, as you saw late last night, Chyna passed away, and earlier today, the Artist known as Prince Rogers Nelson passed away at the age of 57.

Much like David Bowie... I consider Prince to be one of those performers who always was reinventing himself, he did things musically that was of interest to him, with a natural charisma that if you want to know what the 'it' factor can point to Prince as an example.

He was a multi-talented, not only musically, but also when it came to films, he was the driving force of Puple Rain, Under the Cherry Moon, Sign o' The Times and Graffiti Bridge, acting in all four and directing the final three... although only Purple Rain is probably worth checking out, as the other three films weren't exactly all that great in comparison.

Without question he was a media icon, as he had a persona that was perfectly crafted for the 80s but wasn't defined by the decade, this was also defined by his music. The period where he was claiming the love symbol as his name certainly had the world talking.

Speaking of his first few albums, one could say were like a mix of the funk of James Brown, the rock of Jimi Hendrix and the soul of Sly and the family soul, but then he had a period (and in my opinion  his greatest success) was when he incorporated techno-pop / electronica revolution into his sound, creating an audio experience that was like nothing before it and has often been tried to be duplicated by others.

I never saw Prince live in person, but have seen concert footage... and he put on epic shows, he could perform like Hendrix, using his guitar like a full on weapon with how he played, or push debauchery to its limits with simulated sex acts, or having basically a full on rock opera with sheiks and an Arab princess that would look perfectly on a stage in Vegas

Now if I had to pick my favorite Prince song...I think most will say When Doves Cry, Little Red Corvette or Purple Rain...for me it's U Got The Look, which he performed with Sheena Easton. I really like the groove it has... and its music video was one I saw a lot on MTV. You can check it out HERE

If you have any thoughts, memories about Prince leave them in the comments section below...
In closing, condolences to his friends and family.

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