Monday, April 11, 2016

Thoughts on Ed Snider

Ed Snider - 1993-2016
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As you go through life there are certain things that you become use to seeing or hearing, that they become almost symbolic, a representation of something else. In the great Philadelphia area, we've had a number of folks who became that, such as Harry Kalas being the voice of the Philadelphia Phillies.... and Ed Snider the founder of the Philadelphia Flyers.

And sadly, it's Mr. Snider I'm talking about today, as he lost his battle with cancer and passed away just days after the Flyers fought their way into this years Stanley Cup playoffs.

For me, in terms of sports executives, Ed Snider has been the one I've been use to seeing, whether is was seeing him being interviewed, reading about one of his organizations (i.e. The Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation),  it wasn't often that he wasn't the topic of conversation. He had an impact on sports in this area, as he owned the Spectrum, planned for the eventual building of the CoresStates Center (now the Wells Fargo Center), was apart of what launched Comcast SportsNet in Philadelphia...But most importantly, he brought hockey to Philadelphia with the Flyers. Okay a slight exaggeration with that statement, but Snider has been dubbed the spirit of the Flyers and it was so common to see him in a Flyers jacket.

With all the shakeups that come associated with a sports franchise, having that one person always there and knowing they were before you were born, gives that impression that they will always be there.

That being said, thank you Mr. Snider for everything you've done...

Let's Go Flyers!

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