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The Wall of Lies - Tales From The TARDIS

We're up to part four of Marco Polo with The Wall Of Lies... where Tegana has even more schemes that I'm sure won't go wrong. Also follow up on Bruce Campbell's epic prank and thoughts on Peter Capaldi's comments about the next companion


 Hello and Welcome to the Basement and this week's Tale From The TARDIS

First off, so it was indeed an epic prank that Bruce Campbell pulled yesterday with that very convincing looking promotional image... but hey, it got people excited.

Peter Capaldi had this to say about what the next companion for the Doctor : "I think the companion has to be someone who’s not so impressed by the Doctor – she’s not an assistant, she’s not a servant, she can’t be that – she has to be someone who really says ‘are you sure that’s the right thing to do? What are you doing?’ and also doesn’t take him seriously,"

So in other words: she's going to start out pretty much like every single companion, and since we've been going over classic Doctor Who, I can tell you that Barbara and Ian started out that very same way.

Anyway, let's get to this week's episode The Wall of Lies, which is part 4 of the Marco Polo story.
We open with Marco, Ian and Tegana arriving at the cave after being tipped off by the manager of the way station, and Barbara is rescued (Yay), but this isn't going to stop Tegana, oh no... he has another card up his sleeve.

After returning to the caravan, Tegana tries to influence Marco, implying that Susan is a bad influence on Ping-Cho and the Doctor has a second key to the TARDIS. I was going to say If he did this would've been a much short story and we wouldn't still be here, but as we'll see that would've been dumb of me to say.. Anyway, Barbara points out the reason why she was in danger was because she followed Tegana to the cave, who denies everything. Well he's the bad guy, of course he's going to deny it.

Marco, having had enough, puts his foot down, separating Ping-Cho and Susan, but this throws even more suspicion onto Tegana. And things go from bad to worse, when he and Marco see The Doctor leaving the TARDIS. Marco tries to go in, but the Doctor warns him that TARDIS will be destroyed if an unauthorized person enters it. Marco buys it and has the Doctor put under guard. Actually, everyone is put under guard because Marco is really ticked off

Let's pause for a second and go over the Doctor's bluff here... now it's possible that after Barbara and Ian forced there way into the TARDIS way back in an Unearthly Child, that he installed some sort of protective measure against intruders... but I don't recall the Doctor ever saying that again to anyone wanting to enter the TARDIS.

Let's get back to the story, the caravan reaches the Great Wall of Cathay, aka the Great Wall of China... and I tried to see if it was ever called the Great Wall of Cathay, but found no reference to it. They continue along the banks of Yellow River and reach the town of Sinju, which I don't know if it it was the real name of a town or not.

Once here, Tegana meets with Acomat and tells him to attack the caravan in two nights when they travel through the bamboo forest, with orders to kill everyone. I'm sure nothing will go wrong with Tegana's latest scheme.

The episode comes to its end with Ian planning and executing his escape by cutting a hole through the tent then knocking out the guard on duty. However the guard is already dead! Cliff hanger ending!

So yeah... another episode, another one where Tegana's plans for wrong only for him to come up with a NEW PLAN to try and get what he wants... Marco being used as his pawn here was a bit creative, but since history is dictating how this story will goes, we know that Tegana doesn't succeed. Again it's more of a problem with the historical events being used as a plot for the story, and why later one, we'll see Doctor Who go back to time periods but not have much interaction with famous folks.

Anyway, next week will be part five of our journey... with the Rider from Shang-Tu.

See ya then!

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