Saturday, April 2, 2016

NXT TakeOver Dallas Reaction

My opinions are not Spoony Approved


Hello and Welcome to the Basement...

NXT Takeover Revival finished airing about an hour ago, and like everyone else on the net, I'm going to give my thoughts and opinions on tonight's show. And let me remind you that these are my opinions. My point of view on certain things will obviously be different than others.Also I am trying to remember everything I said in the video above.

First a reminder of my predictions

I picked Samoa Joe to defeated Finn Balor, Asuka to defeat Bayley via ref stoppage, The Revival to defeat American Alpha, Shinsuke Nakamura to defeat the Quebecer (Sami Zayn), Baron Corbin to defeat Austin Aries and Elias Sampson to defeat Apollo Crews.

First match of the night was The Revival defending the NXT Tag Titles against American Alpha... and Gable and Jordan got the win, some I'm 0-1 right off the bat with my predictions. It was a hot 'opener' as it was constant motion with very little slow down, which wasn't the best way to show case the Revivial, as Dash and Dawson work a lot like the tag team of Arn Anderson and Larry Zbyzko (The Enforcers in WCW),  but this match was pretty much all Jodan and Gable. It wasn't a total cake-walk, but it certainly was apparent from the introductions that the titles were going to be changing hands.

Second match of the night was Baron Corbin facing off against Austin Aries... and it was as expected Baron Corbin dominating the match... and then a 'win out of no where' with a cheap roll up from the tiny Austin Aries. This was simply idiotic, in a match like that with a guy as big as Baron Corbin, you don't beat him with a freaking roll up.  It reeks of the cheap new NX-Toy in the chest, a win over someone major in a way that doesn't work. That said, I knew I was going to get this match wrong, I still picked Baron so I'm 0-2.

Third match of the night was Shinsuke Nakamura vs the Ginger Quebecer ... and I have to say that Nakamura's theme sounds just like the Ginger Guy's one, and for other people this is a dream match, for me it's just a guy from Japan against someone I have no interest in. With that in mind, it's pretty standard paint by the numbers, counters, false finishes, no selling s and all the tropes you'd see at most independent show, so fine for what it was if you like that approach. Nakamura got the win, so

I'm now 1 and 2. Also I apparently pissed off the Spoony One with my view on this match when he called it 'Match of the Year'  and he has the nerve to call me a smark.

And let me comment on the 'hand shake' and 'hug' bit post match bit has also gotten really tired, and is over used. If you lost a fight, the last thing you'd want to do is shake the guys hand and hug him. To me this just undersells the match that took place.

So let's get to the main event match of the night, NXT Womens' Champion Bayley vs Asuka. The Cherry Blossom petals being dropped for Asuka's entrance was a nice touch, and thought Bayley's ring jacket was incredibly cool... and we got the 'Hey Bayley I want to know if you'll be my girl' chant. I'm personally waiting for this chant 'Oh Bayley you... you got what I need... will you please just be my friend' to riff on Biz Markie's 'Just A Friend' song... Also we had dueling Asuka is gonna kill / Bayley is gonna hug you chants which was a nice touch. This match was wrestling, solid back and forth wrestling, the big moves only brought out when things made sense. Ain't it amazing that women in the WWE for the most part wrestle like men while the guys wrestle like video game characters. Anyway, this was the match of the night. Asuka won via refs decision, and I'm 2-2 with my predictions. Also I said this match would end via ref stoppage, which it did when Bayley passed out... but what was really cool, was that post match Asuska didn't shake Bayley's hand, which allowed the former champion to sell the disappointment of losing. That is how WRESTLING IS DONE. The girls get it right... and the guys get it wrong.

Apparently Sampson and Crews got bumped for time but oh look Bobby Roode is in attendance... how long until he pulls a James Storm and is back in TNA?

The final match of the night is Finn Balor, who had a chainsaw with his demon entrance. That was cool.... and Samoa Joe got busted open around the eye. Where was the athletic commission to stop the match? I am in favor of the WWE's policy of stopping the bleeding before the match continues, and I love how it pissed off the smarks. The stoppages actually helped this match as it gave reason for Joe to be intense and he took advantage as he just beat the holy hell out of Balor. Needless to say... I did pick Joe to win this... and I'm surprised that Balor won... and it was using the finish from Bret Hart vs Roddy Piper at WrestleMania 8. So my prediction result was 2 and 3.

Easily the best match of the night was Bayley vs Asuka as it was a wrestling match.

So that wrap up everything... those are my opinions, I'd like to see yours, leave 'em in the comments section below. 

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