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Mighty Kublai Khan - Tales From The TARDIS

Hello and Welcome to the Basement... and this is Tales From The TARDIS...

We are now at part six of the Marco Polo story... which means today we'll be going over Mighty Kublai Khan... and let me remind you that I am watching the Loose Cannon Reconstruction version of this story.

So we open with Ian coming out of the TARDIS to convince Tegana to let Susan go, who if you remember was grabbed by our Black-Adder like villain at the end of last week's episode. Tegana demands the others come out of the TARDIS and only frees Susan when the TARDIS key is given to Marco, who is none too pleased about the situation.

Ian tries to smooth over the situation, saying he stole the key to cover for Ping-Cho and  by telling the truth about the TARDIS, but Marco (rightfully this time) is naive and doesn't believe that the big blue box can travel through time and space. Okay that makese a lot of sense, because it would be logical for Marco to not believe that.... but what really comes out of no where is when Marco turns on Ian, calling him a liar and saying he knows it was Ping-Cho who stole the key. I can see Marco figure that out, but calling Ian a liar when it's clear his intentions are honorable is just... baffling.

On top of this, Ping-Cho over hears this and runs away.... and once they find her missing, guess who is the first to volunteer... that's right Ian... and also our buddy Tegana! Marco actually makes a logical choice here, but one that contradicts his attitude earlier, saying Ian should go find her, because when they meet Kublai Khan, Tegana should be there. So after calling Ian a liar, Marco trusts Ian to go find Ping-Cho and bring her back.

Anyway, Ian does successfully find Ping-cho back at Cheng-ting, and he makes a discovery that Kuiju has stolen the TARDIS! So one of Tegana's cunning plans actually worked!

Meanwhile, Susan and Barbara confront Marco about Ping-Cho, rightfully saying she should not be forced into an arranged marriage... and much like certain idiots I shall not name, Marco spazes out despite how obviously wrong the situation is, he sends Tegana out after Ian to make sure that Ping-Cho isn't liberated from her 'duty' and doesn't leave with the TARDIS.

That reference may not make a lot of sense to some, but when it comes to my content on YouTube, I'm fully aware of the bonehead that has been stealing my videos and has the nerve to call me the 'bad guy'.

But I digress...

Eventually, Marco, The Doctor and the rest of the caravan arrives at Kublai Khan's palace, which for a sound stage set in the 1960s looks pretty darn impressive to me. The Doctor and Khan actually bond over their advanced ages and negative things that come with being old (like illnesses). However there is also bad news, Khan tells Polo that soldiers are gathering on their borders and that Tegana's information was wrong... gee, it's almost as if Tegana can be an obvious VILLIAN!

Anyway, Ian and Ping-Cho find Kuiju on the road to Karakorum, and they force the truth out of them... however trouble arrives... and yes it's Tegana with his sword at the ready. Ian tries a bluff by threatening to kill Kuiju, but Tegana says that his man is of little value and the episode ends with Tegana approaching them, slicing the air with his sword and smiling devilishly!

So obviously this episode sees Tegana's schemes paying off, he stopped our heroes from leaving the TARDIS was stolen, and the episode ends with him in the position to strike down Ian, Ping-Cho... who is quite cute... and his own man Kuiju. Again, Tegana, for as one dimensional as he is, is a great villain for this story as he keeps it from being totally dull. Also the bit with The Doctor and Kublai Khan becoming best buddies over the fact that they are old is pretty cool. Of course the down side of this episode is Marco Polo himself, really being made to look like an buffoon despite the obvious being right in front of him.

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Next week, we will wrap up the Marco Polo story with Assassin at Peking
Catch ya then!

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