Thursday, April 14, 2016

Lets Play WWE 2K16: MyCareer and A Massacre on Twitch

Back On Twitch... With Mixed Results

So after a many months absence I've gone back to Twitch, and had a pretty decent stream of WWE 2K16, at least when compared when streaming with OBS several weeks ago. But then the stream died after an hour of gameplay, actually when I was going for a second match in the Austin Showcase mode. Tried to restart it but it wasn't catching.Weird.

Still... it does expose my monitor of being 4:3 instead of 16:9, yes I can record video in 16:9 but not stream... go figure...

Anyway did a few matches in MyCareer mode with Frankie 'Big Ham' Franco, where I get jumped by Kalisto (really?), have a back and forth match with Finn Balor and make short work of Kevin Owens... I would've continued by since I was going to face Owens again, I figured might as well go to the Showcase mode...

And this is where I have problem with it, the 'recreating of matches' ends up with either long cut scenes (as seen here with the Austin vs McMahon match from February 14, 1999) or quick time events (thankfully not scene here). It really gets boring... now I get what they want to do and putting certain things in the spotlight... but it takes away from actually playing the game.

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