Saturday, April 2, 2016

Lets Play WWE 2K16 - Balor The Belt

 It's WrestleMania weekend, and boy, some people over on YouTube can't understand that not every wrestling fan is gonna have the same opinions as them...anyway, it's time for the weekly adventures of Frankie 'Big Ham' Franco via the 'My Career' mode feature

We open with apparently a showdown on NXT between myself and Baron Corbin (who really should not have lost the way he did last night)... but no, on my way to the ring I am jumped by Finn Balor... and this is why I called this entry 'Balor The Belt'.. as in below the belt. Manage to fight off the former NXT Champion (because in the game, Kalisto is the champ) and then get interviewed by Renee Young where I declare I want a match now. Yeah I'm basically going the baby face route with the Big Ham.

However, the night isn't done yet, Finn has a match against Bo Dallas... and I happened to get involved with... I figured I'd try and get Bo DQ'ed by attacking Finn... which just got me ejected... but the match continued to play out. And I had no interest in watching it so I broke out my copy of Wonder Woman: Gods and Monsters to start reading it (and noticed a spelling error that caught me off guard...) and Balor ended up winning the match.

So on 'Thursday' on Superstars, my request for a match against Balor is granted, and it's a 3-Star match. I've gotten in better in trying to use the reversal to my advantage, just need to do more different moves to get a higher match ratings. Plus it's another win for the Big Ham, with a post-match interview with Renee... where I basically vow to stop the Authority. I swear I did that interview bit last week or the week before.

Back on NXT... The Big Ham is up against The One Man Band Heath Slater (baby!)  and it's another 3-star affair, basically steam rolling the former Nexus member. However Finn has a match that night against Baron Corbin... and this time I'm allowed to quit out of the match...There is a post match showdown... and I figure the reason for this feud is because it involve a sandwich.

It's better than saying it's feud over spilled coffee...

I was going to do one more match, but with being a six-man tag (which taxes my computer something fierce) I called an audible and closed it here. For record the Six-Man tag took about 20 minutes, with my team winning.

The game play video for this Lets Play is below if you want to check it out.

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