Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Star Trek Online - The Temporal Front Reactions / Final Lets Play Star Trek Online

The Crew of Radical Dreamer Is On The Temporal Front!

So I was going to include a game play video with this, but someone claimed the video was inappropriate... so what we have here is my blog on the matter... I'll still talk about Star Trek Online, may include clips and such... but the full blown 'Lets Play' deal is probably going the way of the live stream, because I'm not going to deal with the 'appeal process'. To say this is rather frustrating is an understatement.

EDIT: I did a live stream on Twitch... so one way or another this blog was going to be complete!

 The data from the future that we've provided to command has made it clear -- there needs to be a stronger alliance between all of the galactic factions... to that end delegates from The Federations, Klingons, Romulans and other are meeting on New Romulus  for the first Alliance Summit...

Yeah that's how the mission, 'The Temporal Front' starts... and it's fun mission from start to finish, we get to meet the Federation President... we get an obvious 'death' that is so telegraphed it was hilarious... and we get another mission that ties directly to Star Trek: Enterprise, as General Vosk was a character seen in the two-parter Storm Front... as a froggin' Nazi... yes Star Trek is indeed weird, but more importantly this mission actually is a prequel to the events seen in those episodes!

I know a lot of a Trek fans spit on the 'Temporal Cold War' stuff during Enterprises first years, but I rather like it as Star Trek Online is taking full effect of it.

However... I did run into a problem with this mission... as the battle on Vosk's ship the Desitny wouldn't allow me to continue to I had beam out and beam in THREE TIMES! I left that in the game play video so you'll see my frustration, even asking players in game if they had a problem. Anyway, when I get to this mission with Sober, I'll give a more detailed account of the mission.

That said, it appears a few characters got new voices, which is pretty cool... also it seems like the player character got some new vocal reaction. But I love the telegraphing of the NPC that we meet upon beaming down is going to be killed.. at least she goes out Clear and Present Danger Style... diving in front of the President! Bad Ass!

And yes my ship for Zagreus being called the Radical Dreamer is in fact a reference to Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross!

 Quick Notes

Season 11.5 for Star Trek Online was launched to day, and well... things went rather smoothly...

I'm personally was not a big fan of the new skills revamp.... until I realized that with Zagreus being a Science Officer, I could load up for Shield recovery stats, making my ship able to take a lot more damange via the Shields than I would normally (or so it seemed).

But this update had two big bugs with one... one... ALL and I mean ALL of the skills the character learned leveling up, including basic stuff like weapons commands and martial arts melee attack were removed... forcing a remapping of the skill-bars... and some things weren't realized until it was too late! Grrr....

The Romulan Repulic Admiralty assignments were added, nothing fancy, just quick ways to level up and get Energy Credits and Dililtihum

Did one of the Na'Khul Red Alerts, and it was pretty much, real basic blow up the bad guys actions... so it's going to be a real crowd pleasure for sure.

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