Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lets Play Star Trek Online - Takedown

Hello and welcome to the Basement... and Lets Play Star Trek Online...

The time has come to end the Vaadwaur threat to the Delta Quadrant, and everyone is meeting at the Jenolan Dyson Sphere to plan the final assault... and of course Admiral Sobar is the battle commander for this mission (because the player character is the most competent commander of them all!)

It's time to put an end to this...

This mission is broken into a few parts, the first portion of the mission is all space combat, in terms of coordinating which allies will assist in certain parts Basically the order to select them in are Kazon, Hazari, Cooperative and finally Hierarchy, it basically keeps everyone on even keel and prevents Kim, Neelix, Seven and The Doctor from panicking if there are too many deaths.

 But if you want a break down of things, the reason why you want to select the Kazon first is that that a) they are two wild to fight in formation, b) it ties in with Seska and the early days of Voyager and c) the Kazon who have some honor will help out in the one of the later waves.

Eldax has arrived!
Why the Hazari second? Simple, their reinforced shields are too tough for the Vaadwaur's weapons.The Cooperative is third since they can force the larger Vaadwaur ships to fire on their smaller vessels,And lastly the Hierarchy fourth because they can predict and overwhelm the Vaddwaur's ambush attempts. It's all really basic actually.

Their is a fifth stage to the space combat in that you'll face Gaul's remaining forces in basically a cakewalk, sine Eldax shows up with his forces. Actually because you have allied ships, all of the space combat is a breeze,so it's just a mater of playing things smart, and staying focus, cause it is easy easy to get overwhelmed.

Gaul's last stand...
From there, it's down to the planet, and marching through Gaul's ground forces to an epic confrontation... and a surprise twist... that he was never infected by a parasite... he was that flipping insane. But that's not all... the mission ends with the discovery of an unknown device...

Which means out time in the Delta Quadrant still isn't over...

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