Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lets Play Star Trek Online: Revolution

You say you want a revolution...
Hello and Welcome to the Basement...

First off, big congrats to the Villanova Wildcats in winning the NCAA 2016 Tournament in defeating North Carolina, who were my original pick.... but Villanova does represent my home region, so there is some pride here locally!

That said, let's get this week's mission, 'Revolution'....

Commander Eldex is ready to help, and he has a cunning plan, but he only wants to work with the player's characters... cause why not... the player's character is the most competent commander in the universe... he / she is all Ensign Munroe levels of awesome at this point (play to: Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force to get the reference). The mission begins in the Molinya system, and depending on if you went top to bottom when it came to 'Better with Friends', the journey to the start point will be very short.

This mission itself... is a bit... quick paced actually. First you need to get control of a Hirogen ship, it's a brief space battle, consisting of a Battleship and a pair of escorts. You'll blow through them easily. You then beam over to the disabled Hiogren ship, and take care of a few enemies, You're going only with one Bridge Officer, but don't worry Seven of Nine will be with you... it's much better than the force being with you believe me. Wipe out the handful of Hirogren bridge officers, following the instructions on how to get the needed console, and you're done within a few minutes. It's quick.

Things then get a little fun, you beam up to a Vaadwaur ship, and it's fun little escort to pilot. Sadly, a Benthan ship arrives, and if you know Star Trek Online, the ship your in has a warrant on it. Disable the Benthan Ship... and here you get to establish something about your character, you can side with Eldex and blow the Benthan ship up... or agree with Seven to let them live...regardless, the Benthans are doomed. Siding with Seven does mean she's ticked at Eldex.

You then warped to the Kartella System, and you're doing a standard approach. They have increased security, but it's just cruising along. This is a danger of overlapping dialog here depending on how past you're traveling. If you're speeding through, the running dialog between Seven and Eldex could end up over lapping with the important big box dialog. Nothing important is said here other than that Gaul has the nerve to be planning something big.

Once you're in orbit, you transport down with 3 bridge officers and Seven, and you're disguised as Vaadwaur... while you and your crew look rather generic... Seven's holographic disguised has her with blond hair and Borg implants. Cute. The first port of this is heading to the marked points on your map to set up recording devices and disruptors that will knock the blue gills out of the infected snake heads. You are then prompted to set up a Broadcast repeated, but then are discovered, but in a cut scene, Seven disables the guard.

From there go to marked point to wait for the conference to begin... Gaul avoids the distruptors, but the truth is revealed, as the blue gills in Gaul's generals are forced out of their bodies, and the sight broadcasted across the quadrant... the Vaadwaur are now split. It's a very well done cut scene that shows a key turning point. Once it's done, fight your way to the beam in point to return to the Vaadwaur ship.

Eldex you to take him to a space dock as the other Vaadwaur are fighting each other. Don't worry about being attacked. Upon confirming that the truth was broadcasted, you are then attacked, but it's a quit battle, and then Eldex tells you to leave, get the hell out of Dodge (or Kia... or Lexus...) to a warp out point, you then return to sector space to turn in the mission.

This is indeed a very straight forward mission with no chance of failure, and it advances the story, while setting up the final leg of the Delta Quadrant missions. The Vaadwaur are divided, Eldex is now directly opposing Gaul...

But before we get to an epic final battle... we got another set of Sector Block missions to do... but that will be done next week...

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