Thursday, April 7, 2016

Just Wanna Say Thank You!

Yup gotta say thanks!

Just saw that I hit 40 subscribers for my pokey little YouTube channel... and so I wanted to say thank you!

Kordaryus Meredith
Joshua Carino
Four OneSix
Bart Bisulca
Rose Kote
TRD Enthusiests
Tyler Thompson
Jeroboam Stamper III
JKS BR Ball 3D
Fur Fox McCloud
The Stargaze
Will Dongst
D Mead
Mr Macaroni & Macaroni Gaming
MB & Homeland
Jame Howlett
Ivica Milaric
Matthew J McCoy
Willern Ytsma
Sentai Kat
Leo O
Phil Cohen
Paul Loveday
Joshua Davis
Ilyas Khan
Adam Haze aka The Insanity Inc
Tim of Ultimatix Zero One
Kara LV Rogue LZ
Mayuu Ku
John Cena Fan 123
Jon Saczek

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