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This Week With The Superheroes: March 25, 2016

Hello and Welcome to the Basment, and its time for This Week With The Superheroes, my weekly blog and vlog on things that in some cases goes beyond the realm of Superheroes.

As noted in the opening, Garry Shandling passed away yesterday at the age of 66. I will admit that know him best from re-runs of It's Garry Shandling's Show and occasionally seeing The Larry Sanders Show during its run on HBO in its fourth and final season, and the influence of that show is certainly seen in things like Entourage, 30 Rock, Extras and Curb Your Enthusiasm, that show a 'parody' of certain aspects of show biz. Based on that, it's clear he had a lasting impact.

So let's jump right in and do the NEWS

Zack Synder & Henry Cavill are whining about the reviews for Superman V Batman: Dawn of Justice... saying 'the reviews' don't matter... well if it didn't matter, they wouldn't make comments about 'all the maters is the people who pay to see the movie'. Look if you're going to get defensive about critics, that means you know you made a crappy product (or a glorified infomercial if some reviews I've read is true).

Also let me add this: Of course the movie is going to make big bucks at the box office this weekend, it's an 'event film'. The real question is, how bad is the second week drop off going to be.

CBS has found their MacGyver for their upcoming reboot, 25-year old actor Lucas Till will play the role made famous by Richard Dean Anderson. Other than Walk The Line, I have seen nothing that Mr. Till has starred in, but he passes the eye-test in looking like he could step into the role of playing MacGyver.

Platinum Games announced that their upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Video Game, titled 'Mutants In Manhattan' will not have 'local co-op' as in, it will be a Ninja Turtles game that you CAN'T PLAY with someone in the same room using the same console. Their reason, and I'm quoting directly here: '“We actually really wanted to do local couch co-op, but the problem is if you do, then you have to split the screen, and suddenly your 60FPS situation gets a lot worse, and it also starts limiting, technically, the things you can do, so we had to go with online only.”'

Some have said that's a legit reason... but I say no it isn't... that's just being lazy, particularly since the video games based on 2K3 series, had local co-op, even the more recent TMNT Out of the Shadows had local co-op! How the hell have we gone BACKWARDS? Granted I've gone back to being a PC gamer so this kind of makes sense, but the whole point of having a video game console is to be able to play with someone in the same damn room!

Anyway, onto this week's shows Supergirl - Manhunter Plot: J'onn J'onzz discloses the details of meeting with Kara and Alex's father, Dr. Jeremiah Danvers, and the takeover of Hank Henshaw's identity; Kara must decide whether to trust someone with her secret identity; Siobhan devises a plot against Kara. Rating 5 out of 5 - Awesome episode, as we get not one, not two, not three but FOUR origin stories (J'onn, Kara, Alex and even the Silver Banshee), plus new character directions for J'onn and Alex as they are now fugitives searching for Dr Danvers (Alex's father and Kara's adopted father), Lucy Lane is now heading up the DEO as the new point of contact with Supergirl, and of course we have a new super-villain in the works.

Gotham - Wrath of the Villains: Mad Grey Dawn Plot: Gordon and Bullock follow a trail of clues in a robbery, not knowing they were left by Nygma; Gordon receives an anonymous threat; Penguin meets his father; Bruce works on his street smarts. Rating - 3 out of 5 - Something about this episode didn't strike the right cord with me, we get to meet the Penguin's father played by Paul Reubens (who also played the role in Batman Returns) and there interaction was okay. Then there's Nygma being paranoid over Gordon suspecting him for killing Kristen Kringle and frames Gordon for the murder of a police officer while also telling that Gordan did kill Galavan, this was also ok. And we get Selina teaching Bruce about the mean streets of Gotham... and this story was also ok... it was just average across the board this week.

Agents Of SHIELD - Parting Shot Plot: After tracking Malick to Russia, Bobby and Hunter become involved in an assassination plot; the team is changed forever as it races to save lives. Rating: 4 out of 5 - Did they just seriously write Bobby and Hunter off the show? Don't get me wrong I really liked the episode, as its told with flash backs for a good portion to see what went down and why are they in custody... but this was an episode that was clearly design to be the last appearances of these characters and I'm suspecting a bait & switch. Granted the previews indicated the team would be changed forever... any, kudos for Agents of Shield for delivering a quality episode this week that has me guessing.

The Flash - Trajectory Plot: When Barry and the team decide to have a night on the town, they encounter a speedster with bad intentions; Iris gets a challenging assignment from her new boss and is caught off guard when their conflict turns to flirtation. Rating: 3 out of 5 - I'd have to say this was an average episode as well... we get a female speedster who was addicted to Velocity 9, and that leads to the realization that Zoom is dying because of the lightning. And we get a probably set up for a new superhero with Jesse, who got injected with the same drug... but at the same time, something felt off about this episode... and unlike with Gotham I can pinpoint here, and it's Iris's boss at the paper, Scott Evans... who is a water down J. Jonah Jameson type that is now serving as Iris's love interest. It was just cringe worthy.

Arrow - Broken Hearts Plot: Brokenhearted, Cupid returns to Star City to destroy lovers on their wedding day, so Oliver and Felicity pose as bait. Rating: 4 out of 5 - We got some solid forward story momentum, Damian Darhk is being put on trail and is in custody (we'll see how long that last), which lead to some great character moments between the Lances (Captain Lance and Laurel) , Cupid's return is used to further the love 'em but can't be with 'em storyline of Oliver and Felicity, that sees Felicity up and leave...

So that wraps things up for this week. Remember Monday is the epic crossover between The Flash and Supergirl! And I'm super stoked for it! Also DC Legends of Tomorrow returns on Thursday!


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