Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Real Reasons Behind The Hate For The Ghostbusters Reboot

So everybody from The Washington Post to is claiming that all the hate for the Ghostbusters (In Name Only) trailer is from folks who are anti-women.

First off that’s not the problem at all, in fact writer / director Paul Feig is banking on misogamy as an excuse for if (and probably when) the film tanks at the box office. He will have justification and will lead to labeling Ghostbusters fans who didn’t support his movie as being ‘anti-feminist, basement dwelling assholes’… hell he’s been calling Ghostbusters fans that since 2014.

So let’s break down why folks are negative towards the trailer…

1.) The special effects look like garbage, I know how hard FX houses work to produce a creators visons for their films, but what we saw looks as bad if not worse than what was produced for the live-action Scooby-Doo films

2) It’s not funny, there is a trend with films to show the ‘best’ moments in the trailers… and there was nothing in the Ghostbusters trailer that one say ‘that’ll get me in theaters to see if there’s something to top that’, in-fact we basically get one entire scene of Melissa McCarthy’s character getting possessed and then her character getting beaten up by Leslie Jones’s character. That’s not comedy… that just uncomfortable to watch

3) It isn’t what the fans wanted, for over 25 years fans of Ghostbusters have been wanting a third film to continue the story from Ghostbusters II… and when Extreme Ghostbusters hit the airwaves in the mid 90s, we got what we wanted to see on the big screen, a passing of the torch, one last film with Bill Murrary, Harold Ramis, Dan Aykrod and Ernie Hudson in their roles of Peter, Egon, Ray & Winston as a swan song while at the same time introducing a new team. Instead we’re getting a reboot that’s just a vehicle for the writer / director’s best buddy

So there you have it, it’s cut and dry, the reasons… nothing to do with cute controversies that make for shocking headlines.

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