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Predictions: WrestleMania 32, NXT Take Over Dallas

How many of these predictions am I going to get wrong?

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With WrestleMania being this Sunday, live on the WWE Network and even on some traditional pay-per-view methods...I'd figured I'd give my thoughts and predictions on the matches

Roman Reigns defeats Triple H for the WWE Title... and I'm going to guess the WWE is going to try and salvage this by doing a double turn, Roman Reigns turning heel cause he doesn't have the ability to even get part of the crowd on his side. Triple H can look valiant in defeat while taking the ass kicking he deserves for being associated with Lemmy. And speaking of Triple H, here's a drinking game, go watch his promo from the March 28, 2016 episode of RAW, and take a shot each time he says obsessed or obsession

A Quebeccer will win the Ladder match, there's guys from Quebec in this match, and frankly, despite this match featuring superior talents like The Miz, Dolph Ziggler Sin Cara, Stardust and Zack Ryder, the WWE will most like going with winner to continue one of the most overrated feuds in the modern era of pro wrestling... just wish that the Quebeccers involved were Jacques and Pierre.

Shane McMahon defeats Undertaker in Hell in a Cell.... I'll admit this probably a toss up, but the WWE has to get away from the Authority nonsense... it's been going on for 20 years, it's time for a change from this status quo of 'evil' bosses in wrestling.

I was going to take Team Total Divas to win the 10-Diva tag match... but then Eva Marie ended up being the 5th member of that that... which so I'm picking Team Bad and Blond, with Lana getting the pinfall win on Brie, who is rumored to be retiring next week

I'm picking Big Show to win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, it just makes sense for him to win, make this his match for a few years, and then when he's ready to retire, have the next big giant eliminated him as a passing of the torch. Just how I see things.

The New Day defeat The League of Nations in the 3 on 4 handicap match... with the rumor of Wade Barrett leaving, just makes sense for him to eat the pin and to be kicked out of the League of Nations as a result

Ryback defeats Kalisto for the US Title... since this storyline is based on Ryback being big and Kalisto being small, Ryback needs to go over and sqaush the luchador, but also allow him to have a nice little flury of 'hope' offense. Plus it's high Time the WWE gets serious about weight classes / divisions again. I'll touch on this again in a bit

Becky Lynch wins the Divas Triple threat match, though I won't be shocked if Sasha wins or even if Charlotte retains, because its too close to call, because there is no 'wrong' winner here. I just hope Ric Flair does not factor in any way in the match,

AJ Styles defeats Chris Jericho... because this is what Jericho does, put guys over, and I think it's high time Jericho starts touring with Fozzy again. If this was the third match in the series, it would mean something more, but it's just a jealousy fueled feud.

The Dudleys defeat The Usos because... lets with New Day going face, and the Dudleys going heel in recent weeks, a win gives them momentum to head for tag team title match

And in the main event match... Dean Ambrose beats The Vanilla Gorilla Brock Lesnar... because there is no logical way for Brock to out crazy Dean in a no-holds barred street fight.

So with that done... let's talk about NXT Takeover Dallas...

I'm taking Samoa Joe over Finn Balor for the NXT Title, for no reason other than I think Finn is moving to the main roster next week.

I'm taking the Revival to keep the NXT Tag Titles in a win over American Alpha... if they weren't going to lose the belts to the much more deserving Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy, just means Dash and Dawson are keeping the belts for a long while.

As much as I love Bayley, she is the female version of John Cena in that she is a great character to create younger fans, I am picking Asuka to win the NXT Women's Title... probably via referee stoppage. Also this probably frees up Bayley to be a sudden replacement for Eva Marie in the 10-Diva Tag Match on Sunday

Since he's the new 'toy' in the NX-toy chest, Shinsuke Nakamura is making short work of the ginger haired Quebecer

I know I'll get this wrong outright, I'm picking Baron Corbin over Austin Aries... cause Baron is awesome, and there is no LOGICAL REASON a cruiser weight should beat a Super-Heavyweight just weeks after Nate Diaz smacked down the smaller Conor McGregor. Realism is key here and its time to bring back an the 'Big Guys beat the Little Guys' part of wrestling that was lost when WCW started having the five-foot nothing Rey Mysterio beating guys like the seven-foot tall Kevin Nash.

Also because he's fairly new, I'm picking Elias Sampson to defeat Apollo Crews, but I can see Apollo getting the win here as well, but I have a feeling he's going to be fast tracked to the main roster.

Now on to the WWE Hall of Fame...

Sting, The Fabulous Freebirds, Stan Hansen, The Big Boss Man, Jacqueline... are all deserving to be in the Hall of Fame... Joan Lundon is a great choice for the Warrior Award... however I consider The Godfather to be a 'border line' choice at best, and it really exposes just how idiotic the Attitude Era was, cause he's going in as a character from that period because his overall career doesn't hold up when compared with many other members of the WWE Hall of Fame... Then there is this years celebrity inductee... Snoop Dogg... I'm sorry but there are a few celebrities that needed to go in before him... one is Cyndi Lauper who without her there wouldn't have been a WrestleMania... and the other is Regis Philbin, who had a great association with Classy Freddy Blasse and had wrestlers on his his various shows all through out his legendary broadcast career.And of course there's Andy Kauffman whose exploits need no explanation.

So that was my break down of WrestleMania weekend... got your own? Post 'em below cause I'd love to see 'em.

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